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February 2012

Divya Jivan Newsletter

February 2012  


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Lord Shiva Worship  on auspicious Mahashivratri  Festival ( Feb 20, 2012 )
by   Sri Swami  Sivananda

"The formal worship consists of bathing the Lord. Lord Shiva is considered to be the Form of Light (which the Shiva Lingam represents). He is burning with the fire of austerity. He is therefore best propitiated with cool bathing. While bathing the Lingam the devotee prays: “O Lord! I will bathe Thee with water, milk, etc. Do Thou kindly bathe me with the milk of wisdom. Do Thou kindly wash me of all my sins, so that the fire of worldliness which is scorching me may be put out once for all, so that I may be one with Thee—the One alone without a second.”

"Offer this inner worship to Lord Shiva daily: “I worship the jewel of my Self, the Shiva residing in the Lotus of my heart. I bathe Him with the water of my pure mind brought from the river of faith and devotion. I worship Him with the fragrant flowers of Samadhi—all this so that I may not be born again in this world.”  Swami Sivananda <<More>>  /   Join us in Shivratri Utsav(Feb 20,2012) 

Early Morning Meditation Talks from "" Ponder These Truths " 
by Sri Swami Chidananda 


Four Powerful Transforming Factors
 "Radiant Divinities! Beloved sadhaks and seekers! Today let us consider four valuable means of making your life sublime, four valuable factors that will keep your life moving towards the grand divine destiny, to fulfill which you have been endowed with this human status. 
 ".......These four powerful forces, powerful transforming factors, can enhance your spiritual life, make it fully God-oriented, give it a push in the right direction, take you towards the Goal Supreme—the power of the Name which immediately links you up with the Unmanifest, the transcendental Reality; constant remembrance of God in the mind; bhav, the right feeling,sublime spiritual feeling in your heart; and fourth, the right vision, which beholds the Reality everywhere, so that you live, move and have your being in God." - Swami Chidananda << More>>

Yoga Learning through  a book , " Yoga ,  A way of Life "
 of Swami Adhyatmananda

Primary Yogasana (Yoga Postures) - The Physical techniques of Yoga are the stepping stones to meditation. According to Patanjali, Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind.
 In the beginning the primary prerequisite to peace of mind is posture. Yogasana practiced to gain steady posture, health and lightness in the body. All Yoga postures are intended to directly or indirectly quiet the mind. The majority of Asana have been devised to build up different parts of the body and to develop the strength required by the more advanced  Physical disciplines. The purpose of the yogasana is to recondition the system, both mind and body, and to develop the nervous and glandular systems. The different Yoga postures have been devised to bring a rich supply of blood to the brain and to the various parts of the spinal column. The yogasana work by stretching, bending and twisting the spinal column in different directions to promote the health of the nerves. When the body is purified, Prana (vital energy) can be conserved and the individual becomes healthy and conscious. << More>> 

Highlighting  "Seva Projects ",  Upcoming events  & News

"Project READ" (Rural Educational Aid Distribution): Sivananda Ashram, Ahemdavad has taken up the Project READ for underprivileged & needy children of Rural area of Gujarat. It is an extensive program running in its fourth year that focuses on providing educational aid to the under served Children. Last year about 75,000 notebooks, 4500 Slates & 300 Blackboards were distributed free. This year about one lakh notebooks have been planned to be distributed free through various centers of Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sang of Gujarat. Sri Arunbhai Oza and his team are doing wonderful work in coordinating, distributing and reaching where it is needed. 

 "Project Manav Seva" is an extensive program that focuses on holistically helping the needy and indigent population. Through Ashram’s Annapurna center feeding to poor children in under privileged area of the town get carried out regularly. Free nutrition programs, including monthly distributing grains to the needy families, Medical care through Sivananda clinic and more such services have been undertaken though Ashram's Seva Projects.

 The ultimate goal of the Seva projects is to further spiritual growth for both those served and those providing service while simultaneously making a difference in people’s lives.The continuation of such comprehensive programs has been possible only because of the unstinting devotion and generous financial assistance provided by selfless devotees of the Lord from the East & the West.  <<More>> 
A special YTTC - Jan 29, 2012 - Feb 20, 2012 
News & Activity report for the Month of Jan 2012 

Divya Jivan (Gujarati) / Jan - Feb 2012 

So Says Swami Sivananda


Sadhana should be as much a part of your daily life as eating, drinking and breathing.

Disharmony of thought, word and deed is the cause for all troubles, miseries and quarrels in this world.

Soak your life with remembrance of Lord. Dedicate your all to Him. See Him in everyone.

If any one proves to be faithless to you, be faithful to him always.

If you are truthful and pure in your daily life, you will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Forget and forgive. You will have peace. You, will become divine.




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Yoga, A Way of Life - Sri Swami Adhyatmananda


"Yoga and Health" - a complete book with Question & Answer section by Sri Swami Adhyatmananda  


 Books on Yoga by  Swami Adhyatmananda

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