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“The menopause is one of the life’s milestones.”
                                                                  Hyra Hunter

By constructing a lady’s bodily structure, nature has proved its great capacity and efficiency in a very astonishing manner. Compared to the common human life, a lady’s outside bodily structure and the internal emotional structure which flow unabated describes the exact expression of the womanliness of a woman!

In the early morning a woman resembles a young maid,. similar to a rising bud of a flower full of fickleness, smiling, jumping, rising up, a stream of fresh water! Oh, mother! When you are sitting with a rosary in your hands, you look like a shining Yogini!

The midday shows your beautiful form as if you were a full bloomed flower. The beauty of the “cheerful and full bloomed face, your adult body language full of bodily elegance” and your beautiful well adorned wide eyes are incomparable in elegance. Your body in the evening assumes the form of a drooping old dame, both of your breasts seem to be hanging. Oh, Devi! You are wearing a rosary of skulls, you are divine, you are divinity incarnate! You are the enchanter of all the three worlds. You are the great mother of the universe. Oh! Beautiful mother! I bow down to you!

Her life crosses over the three thresholds of youth, adulthood, and old age. In the tide and ebb of the relation between her and society around, on occasion, the melody of song of her life sounds out of the tune and at that time in her straight line drawn clearly of her life, as we find bends and harshness in the song of her life. At that moment, the womanliness of the woman exhibits various forms of lazi­ness, idleness, sometimes harshness, anger or various acts of breaking of different things.

A female body is fully delicate and to the equal extent it shows off in various uncultured forms, gradually turning into different bodily working methods which results in distortions bringing unhappiness and sorrows in the life otherwise overflowing with happiness. Uneasiness felt on approach of hot season after the spring and sadness resulting by the winter approaching after the autumn is a natural phenomenon even then it goes on pricking us, that such occasions of crookedness in life do bring in very difficult times. Similar is the trouble due to menopause. In Gujarati we describe this period the one where ladies stop getting monthly menstruation. The lifetime of ladies spent in the period of menopause is one of tremendous changes in life style. This period of transition is for the ladies a time of heart rending difficulties which cannot be understood; a lot of intolerable pain in the heart and inequilibrium and indis­cipline in the common outer life results.

Each and everyone of the aged females have to pass through the period of menopause. However, about 20% of the ladies suffer badly or atleast remain unhappy some­times they miss the right path in life. 60% of the ladies suffer this difficulty like a lightning stroke; but they can quickly obtain medical advice. On approaching the medical profession for the necessary medical examination and aid, ladies can regain necessary soundness of health. Remaining 20% of the ladies, are found to pursue Yoga and spiritual practice from their middle-age period and hence they hardly notice the arrival as well as the passing away of the menopause period. It is well known that those who are deeply asleep in a building which is strong and well built, doors and windows are closed and if a big typhoon approaches in the midnight or if it rains very heavily, if the sky plays the dance of death, those who are deep asleep in a strong building hardly have an inkling of such a terrible disturbance and when in the morning they learn about the broken trees lying on the ground and roads having been washed out, they come to know about such a devastation. This is not the condition at all places. Unsafe huts fly off and get washed away People living in buildings which are not fully strong fall down also. We are not unaware of newspapers proclaiming of so many walls crumbling down. This, in a way, describes the position of menopause which can be divided suitably between three type of ladies described earlier.

Before the menopause period sexual glands, ovaries of the ladies secrete sex hormones or estrogen. At the actual period of menopause this estrogen which is continuously circulating in the blood gets reduced to an appreciable extent. Because of the reduction in the level of estrogen the pituitary gland in the brain has to produce more gonadotrophin hormones maintaining the balance in the body In the first stage of menopause, ladies get the effect of the gonadotrophin and hence necessary excess amount of estrogen gets produced in the ovaries. After the menopause period the level of gonadotrophin rises and hence the work of ovaries is properly carried out.

By carrying out an examination of the proportion of gonadotrophin hormones in the blood, one can estimate whether the menopause has really set in. So the 80 % of ladies who are approaching menopause suffer from uneasiness, lot of perspiration and unnatural bodily heat. This uneasiness and hotness is felt because the proportion of estrogen has decreased. Such uneasiness persists every time from half a minute to five minutes. This feeling of heat and perspiration results from chemical changes that take place inside the body when perspiration evaporates; one also feels trembling due to cold.

Ordinarily ladies enter menopause period between the age of 45 and 55. Menopause period can also be felt even after ovaries are removed by operation.

The effect of menopause can be reduced by natural and physical care and treatment.

  1. Reduce the intake of salt in food.

  2. Drink more amount of water so that the liquid oozing out of the glands causing strong effect of menopause can be reduced.

  3. One can keep the level of sodium and potassium salts in balance by consumption of vitamin B6.

  4. You will get perspiration by exercises. That will reduce salts in the body

  5. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

  6. It is essential to consume milk to maintain the level of calcium.

  7. Take pills of calcium, vitamin E and C.

  8. Yoga-abhyas, light exercise, Pranayama and meditation should be regularly practised.

If the effect of menopause is very serious or in greater proportion, doctors give estrogen in such conditions for hormonal replacement therapy; but such a treatment makes ladies prone to cancer of breast or uterus.

The type of estrogen which is produced prior to the menopause period is known as oestradiol.

After the menopause period ends some oozing of sex hormone remains; that sex hormone is called estrone. This sex hormone flows from the adrenal gland and ovaries. Adrenal gland produces hormones which convert the fat in the body by an element called dehydroepiandrosterone into oestrone. We can now understand that ladies who are having more fat suffer less from this problem of menopause than the ladies who are thin having less fat.

A balancing machine taken in use to weigh gold or diamonds is not supported directly on solid ground on which vehicle go on plying because the vibration created on the ground can produce some effect on the weight. That is why such balances are kept on a layer of sand so that outside vibrations do not make any effect. In a similar manner, menopause vibration affects the ladies with fat body to a very less extent. This is hardly one advantage of fat!

The proportion of estrogen gets reduced in the period of menopause and hence the appearance of disease in the body of a lady can be seen in different forms.

These are some of the signs experienced during menopause:

  1. Feeling of heat.

  2. Uneasiness

  3. Perspiration.

  4. Feeling of giddiness.

  5. Feeling of vomiting.

  6. Body having a feeling of numbness in parts of body

  7. Feeling heavily thirsty.

  8. Sleeplessness.

  9. Headache.

  10. Excitement.

  11. Worries.

  12. Loss of concentration.

  13. Dejection

  14. Reduction of calcium from the bones.

  15. Pain in joints.

  16. Dryness of the skin.

Almost every lady feels heat or otherwise different symptoms are felt in different conditions.

It is important to see how the ladies receive menopause under various circumstances. In this situation one can give impetus to many types of latent efficiencies and thereby after the menopause period ladies can pass their life in a more thorough and satisfactory measure as well as have a life of real happiness. Many latent wishes of life are satisfied after this period. Having gone through the menopause period ladies feel a new life or a new birth as if a golden morning had emerged out by a bright sunshine coming out after the cool morning atmosphere, after heavy rains and cyclonic storm throughout the night.

Now the question arises as to how and to what extent Yoga-abhyas can be of aid in the event of a menopause.

The practice of Yogasanas keeps body and mind in sound health. Yoga-abhyas achieves a balance of outside system and the internal machine of the body by keeping it well defined so that the outer muscles and internal glands remain in good order Common Asanas like Trikonasana, Tiryaktadasana, Bhoomiasana, Omkara, Bhramari Pranayama, Shavasana and practice of meditation, alongwith study of literature having good and high as well as noble thoughts can result in soundness of the body and mind. 


This is an Asana which person of any age can practise without any fear and remaining completely carefree. There are many types of Trikonasana: Konasana: Trilokasana, Parshva-konasana, Parshva-trikonasana, Viparita-konasana, Viprita-trikonasana, Viparita-parshva-konasana, Viparita­parshva-trikonasana are the main and known names. But overall advantage that one can gain from all these Asanas is mainly of a similar type. It gives exercise to the muscles of the legs and thighs, it helps in the reduction of fat accumulated on the belly, it makes the spinal column elastic and in addition makes the body and mind equiposed. The practice of Trikonasana makes a good effect on blood circulation and digestive system.

If ladies form a habit to rise early and walk in early morning for a little long distance before, the period of menopause starts, it will be found to be a very good, easy, cheap and convenient method. But the practice of Trikonasan has its own special effect on the internal secreting glands.


Stand with both the legs kept apart. Keep a distance of 2’-6” to 3’-0” between the two legs. Now raise the two hands very slowly so that they remain parallel to the ground and straight in line with the shoulders. Then raise the right hand at right angles to the ground so that you make a right angle between the two hands. The palm of the right hand should face towards the left. Keeping the hands straight, now turn the left leg through 90 degrees on the left. Thereafter bend towards the left keeping the left hand on the left knee. Right hand should be parallel to the ground and the angle between the two hands, must form a right angle. Keep the knees straight. The whole body will be on the left side but not bending down in front. In the beginning it may not be possible for the left hand to reach the left knee, do not worry about it. This will come automatically with practice. In a similar manner bend on the right and perform Trikonasana. Every time on both the sides, try to maintain steady pose for one and a half minutes. Increase the period slowly so that you perform Trikonasana for five minutes. 


This Asana also looks similar to the Trikonasana. Advantages are also similar. The process of performing the exercise is also almost similar Keep a distance of about 2’-0” to 2’-6” between the legs. Now take a deep breath and raise both the hands above the head as far as possible. Keep the fingers of both the hands holding them in hooks. Move the palms of the hands to face the sky Now release the breathe. Initially on the left and then on the right, the body should be bent at right angle. Make an honest effort to remain on both the sides for one and a half minutes.



Bhoomi Asana is also called Bhoo-naman Asana. This Asana is very simple; but if the body is very fat it is possible that you may not be able to perform this Asana. But in this world there is nothing impossible if one continues trials. Always remember “one who tries gets big results”. Hence do each work with happiness and taking full interest.

Bhoomi Asana 

Stand with both the legs broadly spread. Keep the distance between the two legs as wide as possible. Take a deep breath and raise both the hands above the head. Now exhale and bending both the hands from the waist bend towards the ground along the belly and place both the hands on the ground. Now widen the legs a little further and place the head on the ground. Try to hold the breath outside. The working capacity of the ovaries increases due to the practice of these Asanas. The difficult vibrations that take place during the period of menopause in circulating extra blood flow to the ovaries, reduce to a great extent. To return to the main pose, start by inhaling deeply Raise the head first and then the two hands, reduce the distance between the two legs slowly.

The practice of Omkar should be undertaken about four times in a day for a period of ten minutes each time. If Bhramari Pranayama is practised before going to bed and meditation is invariably performed, along with the strength of the body and mind, the mental power will also develop. The vital power as well as the soul force will also develop. Sit for meditation facing east or north, on a blanket spread over a towel. Then make a deep wish that let there be peace and well being in the east, west, north, and south, in the sky, in the nether depth lands, forest, ocean, everyone in all places. Let there be welfare of all. Pray the Almighty God through the best of your heart. While you meditate, do not have a feeling that you are meditating about God. God himself is sitting and meditating on Himself; this should be the feeling and experience. Keep the head, neck, chest and spinal column in one straight line. If you find it difficult and tiring to sit on the ground with crossed legs, keep a thin pillow on the back side of seat. Sit for meditation. You will experience less difficulty

Initially try to listen to the beating of the heart. Then mentally control the breath entering in and out. In your mind carry on Japa of Ishta Mantra or Guru Mantra.

God is Almighty, you are not in anyway away from the kingdom of God’s power. The boon of His beneficent, benediction will surely spell your ample auspiciousness. 


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