You Are Unique in the Eyes of God

Spiritual Life

Yoga and Vedanta

The Vision of Our Ancients

Never Forget your  Divinity

Purushartha-Self Effort

Steadfastness In Spiritual Practice

Make This a Perfect Day

Early in the Morning

Abide Beyond the Pairs of Opposites

The Practice of  Truth

Connect Yourself with God

The Power of Persistence

Transcend Your Environment

Serve Love Meditate Realize

All Things are Possible

Why do You Suffer Unnecessarily?

Companions Until Illumination

Subheccha -Good Desire

Two Indispensable Truths

Base Your Life Upon Wisdom

Mind -Your Greatest Friend

What Has to Be Known?

The Necessity Of Introspection

The Peace Within

Nullifying embedded Impressions

Enthusiasm- God In You

Be Aware Only of the One

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

A Positive Mind - Your Greatest Asset


The Immanence of God

True Dispassion

No One Can Give You Salvation


Worship God as Virtue

Knowledge is Meant to be Lived

The Paradox of God -Realisation

Higher Knowledge and Lesser Knowledge

The Part of Technique in Spiritual Life

Four Powerful Transforming Factors

Cultivate Peace

Dynamic Sravana( Hearing, Listening)

God is Love

Ever Keep The Sublime Ideal Before You

We live in a Friendly world

Dying to the Little Self

What Pleases the Lord

Know Yourself

Start the Day in an Ideal Way

The Divine Name

Brahm Satyam Jagan-Mithya

From Knowledge to Experience

The Fundamental Error

Reflection must not be Bypassed

Man and His Mind


Be Content in Whatever Way God Keeps You

The Land of the Gods

The Conscious and the Inert

Create Opportunity

Arjuna's Complex

When You Wake up in the Morning

God's Grace and Human Effort

You Have Been Called

The Keynote of Yogas

Dharma Kshetra is Kurukshetra

The Key to Happiness

Faith, Hope and Charity

The Lord's Promise

This Moment