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"A great son (sun) of India Adhyatma-Jyoti Sri Swami Adhyatmananda Saraswati is an "adarsh" yati & Saint of holy matrubhoomi Bharatvarsha."

- H. H. Sri Swami Chidananda

"Swami Adhyatmanandaji can attend to eight things at a moment. He generates the Hasya Rasa, Karuna Rasa, Santa Rasa etc., in the persons who come in contact with him and they are elevated to a spiritual height forgetting their conditioned existence."

- Swami Sivachidanadna

"A great star in the Galaxy of Divine Life, Model yogi, dynamic speaker, outshines even John Gray and Caroline Myss! An evening not to be missed!"

- Swami Shardananda

"Swami Adhyatmanandaji – a Divine Healer, Crest-jewel of Divine Life Society, A personality beyond the realm of words… His whole being is so multifaceted that it cannot be circumscribed in words!"

- Sri H. K. Lal

H. 0. Shivanandanagar (U.  P.)


       Worshipful Homage to the Eternal Reality, the Beginningless and Endless Cosmic Spirit Divine. Loving adorations to Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and all the Great Sages of Wisdom and illuminated Seers and Saints of the world. 

May the Divine Grace of the Eternal and Infinite Reality be upon Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Saraswati at this auspicious juncture, when he completes 50th Birth Anniversary.  May the Choicest Blessings of Beloved Sri Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj be upon his grand disciple Sri Adhyatmanandaji now and always. 

May the Divine Grace of the Supreme Universal Soul and Guru-Kripa grant him long life, good health and strength, energy and inspiration to carry on the wonderful good work that he has been dynamically doing in the service of our Nation and people of Bharat Varsha as well as countries outside. 

The nationwide propagation of the Wisdom Teachings of Yoga and Vedanta and the effective spread of the knowledge of Srimad Bhagavat Gita that Sri Adhyatmanandaji has been doing over the past more than 20 years, has brought about an effective spiritual awakening amongst innumerable people of all age groups and varied sectors of our present day Indian Society. 

His highly praiseworthy work in the practical field of imparting scientific Yoga Training has spontaneously. evoked the admiration and gratitude of numerous highly placed persons directing the public sector organizations, like the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie the Institute of Administration Nainital the BHEL, Hardwar and Ranipet; the Pantanagar University, the Punjab Agricultural University (Ludhiana), the Patiata Punjabi University as also various units of our country's armed forces at Bareilly, Udhampur etc. 

He has done inestimable good work among the deep coal mines workers at Singharam Collieries, Andhra Pradesh and other institution in Bhadrachalam Palvancha as well as the Gujarat university and universities at Baroda and Saurastra. 

Sri Swamiji has been a great asset to the Divine Life Society especially in its field of Prachar-work ever since he joined the Sivananda Ashram in the year 1972.  His deep compassion and understanding towards persons in distress and suffering and also his great spirit of service makes his life and work worthy of emulation.  During his past twenty years of service of God and man, he has helped to salvage the life and career of many promising young persons who had become drug-addicts and some who had fallen into wrong company and taken to a career of violents.  This is in my knowledge as I came into personal contact with such type of persons into whose lives Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji had brought a new light, a new hope and a new direction ! He helped them by making them aware of a higher meaning to their lives and a sense of purpose in their living. 

     Sacred Bharat Varsha and our Bharatiya Sanskruti have in him a dedicated worker in the cause of their sincere propagation amongst the people of our present times. 

I am immensely happy that the Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangha is observing his Golden Jubilee Birth-day anniversary - with special programme at Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat.  I am glad to send my very best good wishes in the form of this message for their Special Golden Jubilee Souvenir that they are bringing out upon this occasion. 

May God bless Sri Adhyatmanandaji and make him shine with the light of a really Divine Life ! As he enters into the 51 st year, having completed half century of his earth life, I offer him my felicitations and pray that he may live to be hundred years so that numerous sincere seeking souls may be benefitted by his "Janata - Janardan Seva". 

Jai Sivananda

 Who is He? 

Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Govt. of Bihar

     I am neither a saint nor a scholar, so, I am not supposed to meddle with the philosophy and religion, Sadhana and spiritualism.  I cannot dare to write something about Sadhana or "how to attain God-realization" etc.  But I know a little about this Mahatma whose Golden Jubilee is here.  It may also be his silver Jubilee year in the Sivanand Ashram.  He has been endowed with all the qualities of head and heart by God.  He has earned Guru-Kripa by the dint of unstinted devotion to Sri Gurudev.  Hard-work is also something behind it. 

He played the role of Satyakama when he was assigned the duty at SatyaNarayan agriculture and milk dairy farm of the Ashram.  He played the representative of Lord Buddha when he was assigned to visit Japan for Yoga propagation by Sri Gurudev.  Yet, this golden- hearted Swamijee is most misunderstood and under-understood.  He not only resembles Swami Vivekananda in look but he imbibes in him, his qualities as well. 

    I drifted to the Ashram in October 1978.  The first person who captivated me at that time was a bearded young Sanyasin managing the Annapurna.  What brilliance he had in his personality ! Who is he ? what forced him to become Sanyasin ? He appeared fit to manage any big assignment of management and administration.  Year after year I visited the Ashram, started coming closer to him.  He managed many, rather most of the, Sadhana Saptahs and enforced strict discipline, punctuality and orderliness.  At times, even stalwart Sadhakas failed to gain entry in the hall or pandal, if late.  He insisted on sitting erect with backbone remaining straight.  His admonition that Sadhana is not a casual affair but serious pursuit, went with the Sadhakas even after leaving the Ashram after the Sadhana-week.  But his strictness had very soft interior, he admonished Sadhakas because he loved them and was their best well-wisher. 

How many could understand him? 

I cannot forget that incident.  H. H. Late Swami Vedvyasanandajee was invited to deliver a Pravachan to the Sadhakas in the Samadhi Shrine Hall.  This young, humble and dashing Sanyasin was escorting that Swamijee.  On his arrival in the hall, Swami Vedvyasanandajee said to H. H. Swami Chidanandajee Maharaj present there that "please give me this one Sanyasin in exchange of all my other Sanyasin" Sri Gurudev just smiled.  Such incidents eublogizing this rotund-faced, white complexioned Sanyasin are numerous.  This must have caused some hearts to ache as it was proved in subsequent years. 

Swamiji is considered an asset to the Ashram, a rising Brahmagyani, a strong administrator and what not.  Truth triumphs.  Cherub like Swamijee moved to countries like Japan and Mauritius on the behest of Sri Gurudev.  The Sadhakas of those countries considered themselves twice blessed in getting among them in their country such a perfect Sanyasin, a true representative of Holy Sivananda Ashram, nay, the true representative of Sanyasin and Yogis of Bharatvarsha, H. H. Swami Chidanandajee Maharaj once wrote in the Divine life Magazine about him as "most sought after Sanyasin".  In the service of Gurudev he cared little about his own health and wellbeing.  He silently suffered most heinous humiliation and machination. 

After sixteen years of association with Swamijee I could know that he possesses the heart of an emperor, he is more caring than a mother.  He is our friend, philosopher and guide.  It is beyond my capacity to write about his greatness and virtues.  In the State like West Bengal, where people are very critical and simply wearing of ochre cloth does not impress them, he is an astounding success.  He is adored, respected and obeyed there. 

I am no authority to gauge his spiritual attainments but I would like to narrate a personal experience.  Less than a year back, I had to convey a vexing and difficult family problem to him in a sentimental way.  He listened.  Apart from giving practical advice, he silently prayed for my problem to be over and it was over.  Yes, a disaster, an impending probable tragedy was averted.  Such are the powers of his prayers and blessing.  Seek it and find it. 

He has earned not only Guru-Kripa but he had the fortune of being 'Kripa- paatra' of Holy Sri Sri Anandmayee Maa.  He is liked and respected by everybody who comes in his contact.  The list of his admirers includes unemployed youth, estranged families, high Administrative Officials and Generals.  He is a source of solace to all.  God bless him with abundance of Guru-Kripa which is the only thing he likes most. 


Sri H. K. LALL
President, The Divine Life Society, Chandigarh 

           Two words came to my mind when I sat down to write this page.  But these, 'prodigy' and 'precocious', got melt away immediately as the flood of light, emanating from the innumerable qualities generated by the aura sustained by him, was too much, too much.  A flash dawned on me.  Supernatural! Yes, he is a supernatural being! 

Whenever you meet him, you feel a joy.  A joy oozes out of the heart on coming across him.  It is all because of his sterling character, regularity in Sadhana, Japa, Meditation and Tapasya. 

His dynamic nature, his love for strict discipline, his marvelous punctuality, his clock like regularity, unfailing memory, power of observance, melodious and mellifluous voice, charming eloquence, synthesizing the qualities of head, heart and hand, love for the high and low, young and old, infant and child, quick grasping power, obedience to the superiors, complete surrender to the Guru, utmost faith in Holy Masters teachings, burning zeal for untiring service, zest for lifting others, divine healing touch, vast knowledge of languages, control of senses, wonderful detachment from mammon, feelings for the lowly and downtrodden, through & through magnanimity, devotion to the saints, leech like tenacity to Japa and Dhyana, consistent and constant Tapas, writing power, maiden discourses full of devotion. Philosophy, yoga and so on, easily understandable teaching techniques, love for yoga, his knack for learning new techniques, scientific nature, love for Indian culture, love for spreading spirituality, constant prayerful mood, organizing and managing ability, physical agility, mental alacrity, aesthetic sense, nature to work in a beautiful manner, discerning dispassion, firm faith in scripture, aptitude to adapt and adjust, are few qualities that I narrate for the reader.  His personality, charismatic aura, the halo and the wonders achieved by these, cannot be described here because for that I shall have to devote this whole souvenir.  Infact I have a desideratum to publish works like, "Swami Adhyatmananda, a Divine Healer", "Crest-jewel of Divine Life Society", or "A personality beyond the realm of words".  But paucity of funds is a thwarting factor.  His whole being is so multifaceted that it cannot be circumscribed in the precincts of words. 

I shall now describe a few miracles wrought by him, because, as stated in the preceding para, it is not possible to put into black and white the all.  Dr. (Mrs.) Nirmal Bhatia got cured of her chronic arthritis.  Savita Sharma (now married) was ailing for the last many years, but her chronic fever disappeared after coming into contact with Swamiji.  My colleague, Shri Man Mohan Singh Bhatia, Manager (Administration & Insurance), was suffering from Parkinsonism since long.  I took him to Patiala where Swamiji was holding Yoga Camp in Punjabi University on 2.10.1985. He gave a yogic prescription and he is now almost cured although Post Graduate Medical & Research Institute, Chandigarh, had declared him incurable.  But Swamiji Maharaj never bragged about these. 

I was myself suffering from acute pain in the back, could not even move and I could not go to receive him even.  But during the day his healing touch made the pain vanish to such an extent that in the evening I walked all the way from my house in Sector 37-D to Govt.  Yoga Health Organization in Sector 23-A.  Such instances are many. 

His nature to feel the joys and sorrows of other as if he himself was passing through that happiness or agony, has been appreciated by one and all here.  No one considers him an alien.  Everyone feels that Swamiji is just one of his or her family member.  I leave it to you to probe the reasons for the same.  Miles away when he comes to know of a tragedy in some family here, he finds time despite his busiest and tight schedule to rush to console the members of the family.  Sometimes the members do not intimate him such news lest he would have to cut his valuable time being devoted by him for altruism.  But on coming to know, he grudges with the members of the family as to why he was not even intimated as one family member does with another.  He felt very much and grudged with Mr. P. N. Manocha, a member, as to why he had not been even informed of his mother's death.  He also comes all the way to participate in marriages and would pour his blessings with prayers to the couples.  


President - designate Sivananda Centenary Boys' High School Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar (ORISSA) 

     Rare are the gems.  Similarly very rare are the gems among men.  Our most Beloved and Revered Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj is such a rare human being, in whom Gurukripa is flowing abundantly.  He is Sadhana Siddha; by his own Purusartha he has acquired those multifaceted divine qualities. 

He has completely merged in the footprints of the Master, worshipful Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj.  The more the surrender, the more grace of the Guru will flow to the disciple.  This ideal disciple tunes himself with the Master when he is supposed to speak to the audience.  He can spell-bound an audience in lakhs.  He amuses his listeners.  He makes the devotees thrilled with Asta Sattwika Vikaras like tears, horripilation, sweat, choking of throat etc, when he joyously sings high-pitch continuous Bhajans.  Hundreds and thousands have learnt Yoga from this Yogacharya Swamiji. 

Simultaneously our Swamiji can attend to eight things at a moment.  He generates the Hasya Rasa, Karuna Rasa, Santa Rasa etc., in the persons who come in contact with him and they are elevated to a spiritual height forgetting their conditioned existence.  Gurudev once greeted this dearest disciple of his as an Astavadhani Astakalakusala. 

Swamiji is my friend, philosopher and guide.  We have traveled together in air, road and boat in the length and breadth of Mother India during Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj's Pre-centenary Prachar Yatra.  My obeisance to Swamiji Maharaj. I wish many happy returns of this most auspicious Golden Jubilee Day of my beloved Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj.  May we rise upto our Master's expectation so that He will be proud of us ! OM.


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