Guru Purnima

The Festival of Surrender unto Thee in the form of Guru   

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Guru Purnima is also known as a Vyasa Purnima. Vyasa is being described in Gita as a ‘Vyasa Vishal Buddhe’ means Vyasa with vast intellect. He is the author and/or the compiler of all the major scriptures of Sanatana Dharma. On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima we express our gratitude to this great Master along with the one’s own Guru.  This is the real purpose of the celebration of Sri Guru Purnima or Sri Vyasa Purnima. 

The Almighty Lord has granted us power of discrimination and patience. The inner power of the soul is infinite. It is all up to us.  We get what we seek.  Unfortunately, most of us simply waste time, money, power and life in all that leads towards ‘Anatma’ or leading a life of ‘Asadhana’ or non- spiritual activities or kind of pursuit that leads only to darkness or death. To reaffirm our commitment and redouble our efforts for the higher goal we need proper guidance from Guru and hence the need to celebrate Guru Purnima. 

Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima is the day for the commencement of study of the scripture, which can enlighten the self or can help for the realization of the absolute. From holy Guru Purnima or this particular full moon day seekers of the truth, monks specially are supposed to observe “Chatur masa Vrata”, means vow for Four months during that period one is to undertake study of scriptures, especially Brahma Sutra, Upanishads and Gita (that is known as prasthantraya) and do introspection. 

The Holy Scripture of “Brahma Sutra” commences with ‘Athato Brahmajijnasa’. Now, therefore, the enquiry into Brahman. 

In the word Brahma Sutra, the sutra literally means a string. It serves the purpose of stringing together the flowers of Vedanta passages. The enquiry of Brahman specially depends upon some antecedent conditions. The enquirer should be endowed with certain spiritual requisites or qualifications. Then only such inquiry is possible. 

Brahma Sutra means the thread, which binds with Brahman alone and nothing else. This won’t be possible unless and until the seeker seeks the refuge unto the holy feet of Guru or the holy preceptor. He should follow the advice of his master literally. Seekers should acquire Sadhana Chathusthaya, namely discrimination (vivek), vairagya,  the Satsampat (six fold virtues), e.g. Sama- the control of the mind, Dama- control of external senses, Upparati- cessation from worldly enjoyments, Titiksha- endurance of pleasure and pain, Shraddha- faith in the words of the master or the Guru or his teachings and Samadhana- deep meditation or undisturbed concentration. and finally what one needs is only desire for liberation or mumukshatva. 

Guru Purnima is not the festival to offer garland to the Guru or presenting a few coins or good clothes. It is the festivity to adhere to the total purity, truth and character. Having absolute faith in Supreme and the form of Him, Sri Guru. Our real worship to our master or preceptor is to offer the flowers of Sama, Dama, Titiksha, Upparati, Shraddha, Samadhan, Vivek, Vairagya, Mumukshatva, Truth, Chestity, Purity, Character, Good Conduct and Total Surrender. These fifteen qualifications or virtues are the offerings or the need to be cultivated for the Brahma Jijnasa or Guru pooja upon this holy day.

Remember that nothing is impossible, what is required is sincere effort in right direction in right time. Let us struggle for the achievement of the realization of the absolute and find Him here and now. Om Shanti.  

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