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The life and message of Bhagawan Sri Krishna to the people of Bharatvarsha and to humanity as a whole should be understood properly. This great Super man, who is the towering figure of the stupendous biographical narrative bequeathed to man by the equally great Sri Krishna-dvaipayana or Vyas, stands as a shining star at the apex of a triangle at the ends of whose base are the world and the individual. In the life of Sri Krishna we have been given the ideal towards which lifeís process is moving. There is an ascent from inanimate matter to vegetable life, from plant life to that of the animal, from animal to man and from man to super man. 

While man has ascended through the scales of the mineral, biological and instinctive levels of life in his intellectual and rational level of individuality, he has to ascend at least two more steps, which are graduated by several stages. While the urges of hunger and thirst or sleep overpower the vital and instinctive stages, man is predominantly egoistic, without however completely transcending the sway of these lower instincts. He is perhaps as much subject to them as the sub-human beings, but is specially characterized by an endowment called discrimination, which can separate the good from the bad and analyse the principles distinguishing the true from the false. However, this discrimination remains merely a legal and conceptual guideline and a restriction upon his personal conduct, he having not actually realized the great fact, which is responsible for and is the reason behind this distinction made in the life of morality and understanding. This explains why manís life is predominantly a rule of regulative principles, of doís and doníts, a life of an outward morality and ethical mandate, all because his knowledge of the true and the false is only a theoretical conviction rather than a practical experience. Human life is thus mixture of conflict on one side and an aspiration on the other. 

The stage next to that of man is that of the superman, who transcends the conventional morality of outward compulsion and convention and who enters into an inward realm of a higher integrating law of ethics which is cosmic in its sweep, while human morality is chiefly a restraining rod preventing the expression of what he would usually call his freedom. The perception of the superman is a direct insight in to truth, and not merely a rational discrimination between the real and unreal. In the personality of the Superman are focused the energies of the cosmos, as the all-pervading rays of the sun may be concentrated through a lens. The Superman is the meeting Point of the Absolute and the relative. 

The life of Sri Krishna is a thrilling biography of a great example of the Divine Superman through whose personality one can have a peep into the structure of the whole universe i.e. Vishwarupa. Such a mighty hero is naturally a great center of perfection, a blend of wisdom, power, love and action. With this equipment of universal might, Sri Krishna is before us as an ideal to emulate in every field of life, as one who hails, perhaps, as the first statesman and politician of Bharatvarsha, who tried to create an Akhanda-Bharat or a single India, under one rule, by putting down all forces of disintegration; as one who towered high with the highest knowledge of the here and the here after and saw things as if in broad day light, though they may range beyond the perception of human faculties; as a person of an integrated psychological constitution wherein one can not distinguish between intellect, emotion and will, they all working as a single power, as a veritable representation of God in the form of man. 

The celebration of the birth of Sri Krishnaji, in India, that is Bharatvarsha, is an annual occasion to rouse its soul to its universal reaches which is the goal of life and to the world at large an opportunity to have a memory every year of the perfections that are to soul and give meaning to the various pursuits of human life.

Om Shanti!            

Swami Adhyatmananda

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