News and Activity Reports From Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad- October, 2002 

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The 586th Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation Camp      

 The 586th Yogasana, Pranayam and Meditation Camp was concluded on First of October. Seven hundred and forty-one Yoga enthusiasts participated from various sections of the society, including doctors, engineers and scientists from the Space Application Center. Many of the participants came from a distance of about 80 to 120 miles, commuting everyday, because this Camp was organized specifically for Diabetic patients and people who are potentially at high risk for developing diabetes.

The entire programme was planned and organized with the kind and generous collaboration of Dr. Mayur Patel and Dr. Ina Patel of The Diabetes Education and Research Center, Ahmedabad.  Through blood-checkups, counseling, question-answers, dialogues and slide shows, proper education was imparted to the participants during the Camp.

Rev. Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj, brought a limelight to Yoga education and brought the thoughts how yoga can help to deal with diabetes, bringing back normalcy in health and gave sufficient information upon how to live and lead a stress-free life. A Special Programme of ‘Shankh Prakshalan’ (Total cleansing of the elementary canal) was organized for 125 candidates on Oct 6th, Sunday, 2002. The same thing was repeated on the 27th Oct, Sunday, 2002. During this camp a special one day  programme was organized for juvuniles who suffer from "Type I" diabetes. Mr. Ashok Bhatt, the Hon. Minister of State for Health, Govt. of Gujarat, made brief appearance and was very much inspired by seeing Sivananda Ashram’s efforts to help the children of Gujarat in leading and living a healthy and a promising life.  From early dawn to late evening, children gathered from all the four corners of Gujarat and were given proper counseling. Their guardians were given enough directions, sufficient medicines for a whole year, and were also taught how to administer insulin. The children were taught and entertained through a number of games, stories, dramas, songs etc.  Every child was presented with memorable gifts and offered group prayers for their good health, peace and happiness. 

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All Faith Prayer at Gandhi Ashram, Sabarmati – October 2, 2002 

On the 2nd of October 2002, on the Holy birthday of Pujya Bapuji Mahatma Gandhiji, the Father of the Nation,  "All Faith Prayer" was organized at Gandhi Ashram, Sabarmati. Rev. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj read holy hymns from the Vedas. His greeting and meeting with a Muslim religious leader was very much highlighted by the media, including a leading newspaper and television coverage, because such open arm gesture promotes healing and goodwill amongst people in the aftermath of communal riots in the very recent past.

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Plantation at Gandhi Ashram

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All Faith Meeting- Oct 2,2002 

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In the forenoon of 2nd October 2002, Rev. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj visited a Remand Home for children and spent about 3 hours; Rev. Swamiji talked to the children heart to heart, served food personally and made them happy. Fruits and Biscuits were distributed after meals. Rev. Swamiji most humbly suggested  changing the name from "Remand Home" to “Ananda-Dham”. 

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At Remand Home (Ananda- Dham) on Oct 2,2002

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Rejoice in the Lord-Serve Him at Remand Home
(Ananda -Dham) 

The 587th Yoga Camp,  Spiritual Retreat and Holy Navaratri Celebration
 October7, 2002  to October 15, 2002

The Holy Navaratri festival was solemnly celebrated from the 7th to 15th of October 2002, with the early morning meditation and pranayama camp which was attended by four hundred candidates. In the forenoon, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p. m, Shri Ram Charit Manas Navahna Parayan (a chorus reading of Holy Shri Ram Charit Manas) was concluded for nine days.

Sri Durgasapta Sati (Chandipath) was conducted everyday for nine days. Havan (Yajna) was performed for the peace and happiness of mankind in the Ashram on Ashtami as well as Dussera (Eighth and Tenth of Navaratri). 

 ‘Garba’ (Traditional folk dance performed as a worship to God as Mother) during the Navaratri (Nine-Nights) were attended by a large number of people. Prizes were distributed to the best performers and a variety of snacks were served every night after Garba!

Sri Bhaskar Menon and Smt. Radha Menon, director of ‘Mudra’ School for Indian Classical Dance gave a memorable dance performance called ‘Ashta Lakshmi’ and the ‘Sri Lakshmi Kalyanam’ at Sri Ashta Lakshmi Bhavan during the Navaratri festival.   


oct9_nav2.jpg (45989 bytes)

 Dance performance by "Mudra "
school of Classical Dance
in "Ashta Lakshmi Bhavan "

oct8_nav1.jpg (73663 bytes)

Sri  Maa Adi Shakti
 in her Glorious splendor

oct10_nav3.jpg (47727 bytes)

Dance performance of 
"Sri Lakshmi Kalyanam"

Other News   

  1. Pran-Pratishtha (installation) of Sri Hanumanji:  Rev. Sri Swamiji Maharaj performed the Pran-Pratishtha (installation) of Sri Lord Hanumanji's idol at Sri Dukh Bhanjan Hanuman Temple at Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.  

  2. Also Rev. Sri Swamiji Maharaj was invited to inaugurate a number of new business houses and residential bungalows during the month of October.

  3. Citizen’s Forum, Ahmedabad, organized a public discourse of Rev. Swami Adhyatmanandji at Ahmedabad Management Association on the subject of “Hinduism’s present scenario – violence or nonviolence” which was attended largely by the learned and scholarly august audience of the city.

oct6.jpg (47976 bytes)

Citizen's  Forum at Ahmedabad Manegment Association 

  1. After the terrorist attack on the famous Akshardham Temple of Sri Swaminarayan Sect, leaders of all faiths organized a Prayer meeting, which was attended by about 20,000 people. Rev. Swamiji Maharaj visited a number of private houses and families, known and unknown, who had lost their near and dear ones during the terrorist attack and consoled them.
  1. A two-day workshop on Yoga and Fitness was organized at the Shivananda Ashram for Post Graduate and Research scholars of the Indian Institute of Management overseas Students. Among those who participated, were students from Italy, Switzerland New Zealand, U.K. Germany, France, Egypt, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Korea and so on.
  1. The Stepping Stone School organized a workshop at Shivananda Ashram to educate the parents about basic tenets of Yoga for the happy and ideal upbringing of children. Rev. Sri Swamiji Maharaj conducted sessions on Yoga, child psychology and powers of the subconscious mind.
  1. Rev. Swamiji Maharaj attended a two-day Saints Sammelan (conference of Saints) at the Holy Sri Bhagavat Vidyapith.

oct7.jpg (86141 bytes)

At Saints Sammelan (conference of Saints)


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