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August - 2004

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Holy months of Adhik Shravan (extra) and Shravan are dedicated to Lord Shiva’s worship. Devotees kept on pouring and doing special worship to Lord Siva through out these months at Lord Vishvanath Temple in Ashram premises.

 Bhagvat Katha Saptah (Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2004 )

Devotees at the ashram were fortunate to have Bhagvat saptah by Brahmachari Sri Satyavrate Chaitanyaji Maharaj from head quarters of Sivananda Ashram and the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh . It was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. M. J. Patani Saheb. Number of saints visited and blessed the devotees during Bhagvat Saptah.  

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Bhagvatacharya  Brahmchari.Satyavrate Chaitanyaji

Independence Day- Aug15, 2004

On Aug 15, 2004 ashram had flag hoisting ceremony at early dawn by Rev. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. Swamiji was invited for flag hoisting and a special independence-day function at C. N. Vidhyalaya, ninety two year old educational institute. One thousand tree plantations were done by students and staff who had gathered for this function. Also in the forenoon Swamiji attended the flag hoisting function at Sri Narayana Guru Cultural Center . Rev. Sri Swamiji’s address on this occasion was telecasted by TV channels.

Visit to Haridwar and Roorkie (UP)

On Aug 18, 2004 Swami Adhyatmanandaji addressed Bengal Regiment Army unit at Roorkie (UP) and planted “Airy Curie Cooks” a Christmas tree at flagstaff house Roorkie. Late evening Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Organized Swamiji’s satsang at Haridwar. After satsang Swamiji Maharaj with his team arrived to Rishikesh at Sri Jairam Annakeshtra. A group of devotees from ashram, A’bad including Smt. Poonam Thawani Sri Murlidhar Thawani, Sri Pancholimama, Smt. Poonam Vyas, Smt. Sudha Amma joined for this Yatra.

news_aug04_2.jpg (51402 bytes)

Tree plantation at Bengal Regiment Army Unit( Roorkie, UP)

Spiritual Retreat at Rishikesh (Aug 19- Aug 25, 2004 )  

 Seventy aspirants attended a spiritual retreat guided by Sri Swamiji at Sri Jayram Annakhetra, Rishikesh. Swamiji gave discourses on  Nineth chapter of Bhagvad Gita and Kathopnisad. Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation were a part daily routine during spiritual retreat. During the stay at Rishikesh, they had visited holy Sri Nilkanth Mahadev, a famous temple of Lord Shiva .

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at Jai Ram Annakshetra( Rishikesh)

President of Parmarth Niketan a famous Swami Chidananda Muniji invited Sri Swamiji Maharaj for holy Ganga Aarati, Swamiji admired Swami Chidanandaji’s wonderful service of building  a guest house at Kailash Mansarovar(China) for the pilgrims going on the way to Kailas. On his way back from Rishikesh Swamiji had satsang at Haridwar B.H.E.L. township.  

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At Parmarth Niketan with Swami Chidananda Muniji

Blood Donation camp

On Aug 29, 2004 Jain social group organized a blood donation camp. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji was invited to inaugurate the camp. About three hundred people donated blood. This was a unique camp in which blood donation camp were organized at two hundred and fifty three centers around the globe and three hundred people donated blood at each camp. This was done as a part of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj’s diamond jubilee celebration 

Other news

·        On Aug 27, 2004 Swamiji attended a public function - A famous square in the midst of Ahmedabad city was named “Non –Violence square” in the memory of Late Smt. Gita Rambhia (I.P.S.)

·         On Aug 28, 2004 Rev. Swamiji presided over Golden Jubilee function of Public education Institute at Mehsana and felicitated Sri Jethabhai Chaudhri on his 80th birthday celebration. This grand event was highlighted by Swamiji’s inspiration for blood donation camp in which three hundred people donated blood. Also one thousand tree plantations was done.  

news_aug04_1.jpg (31567 bytes)

80th Birthday celebration of Sri. Jethabhai Chaidhri

·        Samasta Brahma Samaj’s changed their “Janoi” ( Sacred thread ) on the holy Shravani Poornima day in the ashram in the holy presence of Rev. Swamiji Maharaj. More than three hundred participated in this event.

·        On Aug 28, a memorable devotional bhajan sandhya was organized at Sivananda Ashram garden lawns. Smt. Aaratiben, Sri Shyamalbhai & Sri Sumilbhai Munshi were the artists. It was unique indeed; a dinner was served to all.

·         On Aug 29, 2004 night Swamiji departed for his three months spiritual tour to the west. On this occasion devotees gathered and wished him a safe journey. 

·       Ten days Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam camp was organized for about one hundred RBI executive and staff at RBI premise. Ms. Sangeeta Thawani and Sri Hardik Swadia conducted the camp.

·        Reiki classes -Two reiki sessions were conducted this month on Aug 7, 2004 and Aug 21, 2004 by Smt. Rupaben Majmudar and Sri Tapanbhai.

·         Tailoring classes for ladies is a part of ashram’s regular activities. Twenty four young girls and house wives enrolled this month.

·        Ashram runs daily five yoga practice classes and one beginner’s class (basic yoga learning batch). A number of yoga enthusiasts are increasing day by day.

·         Daridra Narayana Seva on 3rd of each month is being done by dedicated group of people at the ashram. Distribution of monthly grocery to needy people was also given to 42 families this month.

news_aug04_5.jpg (27800 bytes)

At Kailas Mansarovar

 news_aug04_6.jpg (25234 bytes)

With Swami Vikashgiri of Mansarovar (left)
Swami Rakrushana (right)

Regular Activities and Services at the Holy Sivananda Ashram

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