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Sivananda Ashram, (A'bad) April - 2006

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“Devi Bhagavat Katha”by Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji at Bhavnagar (March 29, 2006 to April 5, 2006)   

Sri Ramdas Ashram and Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangh, Bhavnagar organized a Devi Bhagavat Katha during Vasant Navratri. Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj gave a series of discourses on Devi Mahatmaya and enlightened the devotees.

Swamiji beautifully summarized the Devi Bhagavat. Devi represents energy (shakti). There are two distinct fields, the outer being of matter and usually science deals with it. It is also objective field where we could utilize the progress made by other individuals over the course of history. In short, we do not have to reinvent the wheels. We can use computers, cars, planes and all other inventions made by others and utilize them to achieve whatever we want to in the outer world. We have made a lot of progress in this field in terms of making scientific inventions and innovations and made our life comfortable. The inner field is made up of mind and consciousness.  This is subjective field. We have made very little progress in this field.  Here one has to deal with his or her own mind, recognize and weed out all impurities in terms of wrong identifications, cravings, desires, lust, greed, hatred, etc. and reach the deep recesses of the heart.  Our scripture describes various practices, disciplines in terms of meditation, spiritual practices (sadhana) and other guidelines. Other peoples’ progress has very little help to individual in this inward journey whose ultimate goal is the self-realization. This requires tons of discipline and energy (power) because mind is naturally outwardly projected. Devi Bhagavat deals with the worship to this powerhouse to seek the energy and grace needed for this noble endeavor that is really the ultimate goal of life.  

To dive deep in the recess of the heart, and to find the pearls of absolute is the whole essence of holy Sri Devi Bhagavat. Devi is Shaft or power. We need inner power, inner strength, inner awakening contemplating upon the pure self – the mother energy the “DURGA”.   Nothing is impossible, which leads every individual one to pure conduct and absolute realization.  

 At Jaipur (April 6, 2006) 

From Bhavnagar Swamiji arrived at Jaipur on holy Ramanavmi day and attended inaugural function. Swamiji inaugurated Tagore Research International Hospital (three hundred beds). Minister of health, Government of Rajasthan presided over the function. Director Sri P. D. Singh welcomed and thanked Sri Swamiji Maharaj who is associated with Tagore Education leagues thirteen schools for last twenty seven years.    

Yoga Camp at Nasirabad, Rajasthan (April 6, 2006 - April 13, 2006) 

“Practice of Yogabhyas has increased Army Troupe’s memory, attentiveness and strength in the work. They have been refined and become more precise in their duties. He added, “ We are highly indebted to Rev. Swami Adhyatmanandaji for bringing an new awakening , which has led us to a fresh life, light and wisdom”- Said Commandant Brigadier S. V. Dharamadhikari AVSM at concluding ceremony of a week long man-making and character building program organized at Triple First Rocket Regiment, Nasirabad (Rajasthan).

About 12,000 army troupes’ were benefited from Sri Swamiji’s holy presence and discourses. Morning Yoga, Pranamyas & Meditations were the favorites of all the officers and army troupes. This was a refresher course for them as Swamiji has taught them on his previous visits.       

Ceremony at Ahmedabad AMA

After coming back from Nasirabad, Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj was honored and felicitated at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) by Governor of Gujarat, H. E. Pundit Sri Naval Kishore Sharmaji for his laudable blood donation drives organized through Ahmedabad Red Cross Society. 

At Vadodra (April 15, & April 16, 2006)  

On April 15, 2006   Sri Swamiji addressed a large gathering at Vadodra upon the subject of ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’.

 On April 16, 2006 Swamiji addressed executives and medical students on the subject ‘Stress Management’ organized by Dr. Jiten Bhatt of ‘Mind and body Zone” .   

At Delhi (April 20, 2006 –April 22, 2006) 

Thawani family was overjoyed by Pujya Swamiji Maharaj’s holy presence at the wedding ceremony of their son Sri Mohit Thawani at Delhi. Smt. Poonam Thawani (Secretary of Sivananda Ashram, A’bad) and her contribution in terms of selfless services to Holy Sivananda Ashram are invaluable. 

 During his stay at Delhi, Sri Swamiji Maharaj installed a beautiful Saraswati idol at the grand building of administrative block of Delhi College of Engineering and Institute of Technology. Swamiji’s speech on the subject of ‘Science and Spirituality – How to bridge the gap” were received by large gathering of students and many dignitaries including past vice chancellor and director of Delhi Engineering College were present. 

Yoga Camp at Valsad (April 23, 2006- April 29, 2006)

A week long Yoga camp was organized at Val sad. Sri Yagneshbhai Desai hosted Pujya Swmaiji. Swamiji is always received warmly by devotees of Divya Jivan Sangh, Valsad. During his stay at Valsad, on April 23, 2006  Swamiji went to Devadh, Surat to attend a peace prayer held in memory of Sri Sitarambhai Patel, most beloved and blessed father of Sri Dineshbhai Patel of Bloomington, Indiana (USA). Swamiji conducted prayer for Atma Shanti and Sadgati for the departed soul of Sri. Sitarambhai Patel and consoled all the member of the bereaved family. On the way back to valsad Pujya Swamiji paid visit to Rev. Sri Bhikhubhai Desai (ninety + years old) a devotee of Gurudev Sri. Swami Sivannadaji Maharaj at Navsari. Also at Navsari, Swamiji paid visit to Sri. Chhotabhai Desai’s family. The family lost the mother of the house recently, Smt. Lilaben Desai; Swamiji remembered her kind Seva during his stay at their home year after year for last thirty years.

At the Ashram  

Vasant Navratri (March 29, 2006 –April 5, 2006) 

At Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad during Vasant Navratri, Sri Ram Charitmanas Parayana was organized by devotees at Sri Saint Kutir from March 29, 2006 to April 5, On April 6, 2006 Sri Ram Navami day, a special satsnag was held .On April 13, 2006 Sri Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated and a Martin Yajna was performed, where many devotees participated in a special worship and maha  Prasad was distributed to all.   

Yoga activity, distribution of grains to the poor, serving the sick through homeopathic clinic run by the ashram are the heart and breath of ashram’s regular activities.  


 "Anand Utsav" ( April 30, 2006 to May 3, 2006)  and Spiritual retreat on occasion of  5th  Brahmotsav of Sri Ashtalaxmi Bhavan and Sri Chidananda Dhyan Mandir.  6 2nd Birthday celebration of H.H. Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj (May 3, 2006) ... report to follow


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