News and Activity Report (November 2008)
 Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad

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Diwali Celebration (Oct 26, 2008 - Oct 28, 2008) & Diwali Prasad : While devotees received "Vaishnav Jan", a Diwali gift; Prasad booklet containing Spiritual food & Blessings of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj, families in underprivileged area of the town received "Diwali Annakoot prasad" of Maa Sri Ashtalaxmi from Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad. Sri Sri Sri Ashta Laxmi Bhavan and Ashram was decorated with lighting, rangoli, pushpamalla during Diwali celebrations. Devotees prepared & offered a grand Annakoot to Maa Shree Ashtalaxmi on Diwali day which marks the culmination of Diwali festival. On Dhanteras day (Oct 26th), a large number of devotees joined for group Yantra Pooja at Sri Sri Sri Maa Ashta Laxmi Bhawan.On Diwali day (Oct 28th), several thousand people visited ashram for Annakoot darshan and received the Lord's Blessings. It was a great time, a time to rejoice in the Lord, Thanks Giving time for one and all, Young and Old. The Karmayoga in the real sense began after Diwali Annakoot, as all type of sweets, snacks, chocolates, cakes, fruits, offered to Maa gets packed up nicely in small packages by devotees during the night at the ashram and were distributed on next day, a New Year day to Daridranarayanas in slum area of the city.

News from  Sivananda International Vedanta & Yoga Academy (SIVA)

Upcoming YTTC (Dec 11, 2008 - Dec 30, 2008) You can still enroll in three weeks residential YTTC at Sivananda Ashram.

 Enhance your skill in Yoga, be a teacher and spread the knowledge to others. You can accomplish all that by systemically learning from a Master. Join YTTC at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad. During your stay at the Ashram, you will be provided a comfortable room and yogic diet ( three meals / day). Ashram's holy atmosphere is ideal for enhancing your spiritual growth as well as the skill in the field of science of Yoga. On completion of three weeks residential YTTC and successfully passing the test including theory and practical, the graduate will receive a diploma certificate recognized by Gujarat University and will be able to teach Yogasana and pranayama to others..The donation for the course is Rs. 6000.00/ $ 200. 

If you need any help in transportation to & from the airport / train station etc, contact directly. Ashram phone # 079- 26861234 /


Yogasana Classes in the batches according to the level  for the beginners are regularly conducted at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad. During the month of November, about 350 new comers participated in the morning classes. Similarly for Reiki Classes level I & Level II  were conducted and more people got benefited. Dr. Snehal Amin, who has returned from his foreign tour after three months, has already started his counseling services at Yoga Clinic of the Ashram. Many patients are befitted by acupressure treatment given regularly by Dr. (Mrs.) Monaben Shah.

Nutritious food in packages were distributed to children through Narayan Seva and 600 kg. wheat & grain distributed to the needy and poor by ashram's Vishwanath Seva Kendra. Devotees joined  in worship services at the temple & regular satsangs were held .

On Nov 5,2008 " Aayush Homam" was performed for Shri Arunbhai Oza, Trustee & Vice president of the Ashram on  his 60th birthday at the ashramand   Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj conveyed his blessing to him on this occasion through telephone from Winnipeg (Canada).

On November 15, 2008,  One day yoga seminar was organized at the ashram for the benefit of 75 staff members of  Advertising and communication service Ltd under the guidance of Yoga teacher Ms. Sangeeta Thawani.

 Spiritual Tours & Programs of H. H. SriSwami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj during the month of November 2008  

Oneness with the "SELF"- Absorbed in Vastness (At Calgary)

Concluding of  "Divya Tour 2008" report of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj............. 

 H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji's "Divya Tour 2008" with wonderful satsang at Chicago, His last stop of this tour in USA. It was a special prayer offered for Sri Harish Kapoor, who is going through pains & sufferings because of terminal cancer. Pujya Swmiji's divine presence and kirtan brought light, joy & hope to Sri Harishji & all the members of His family, who have been depressed and stressed from long standing illness of their beloved Harishji. It brought solace and comforts to them.

During the "Divya Tour 2008", Pujya Swamiji's divine satsang and yoga teaching has brought joy,  peace & bliss to countless spiritual aspirants and yoga enthusiasts in the West. People appreciated His simplicity, sincerity and down to earth simple living, a Yoga way of Living, in True sense. HE received warm welcome everywhere He went. Sri Swamiji worked tirelessly without looking at his own physical comforts. Sri Swamiji's day started around 5.00am / 5.30am and filled with morning yoga session, home stasngs, home visits, bhiksha (to honor devotees' wishes), evening satsangs, special requests, press interviews, TV interviews, visit to sick ones, prayer for depressed ones etc… till the late at night around 10.30pm/11.00pm most of the days. And not to forget, the long distance driving and delay because of road constructions. But, what do you see when you meet Swamiji (at any time of the day), ever Vibrant, Charming, Radiant, Joyful, Peaceful face to inspire others. People asked him the secrets of His ever joyful nature? "Abide In The SELF",  He says……….", "In all condition I am Bliss , Bliss,  Bliss Absolute……" "Adopt, Adjust &  Accommodate…… " Each breath of His, is in the remembrance of GOD and in the service of His Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Mahahraj & Gurubhagvan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. Their ever flowing Grace is the force behind everything …......  

 Pujya Swamiji conveys His sincere thanks to the organizers & devotees who have joined Him in His Mission of the Service to Humanity. Revered Swamiji  Maharaj and Divya Jivan  Sanskrutik Sangh (India –US) are highly indebted to Sri Ajit Bhatia for looking after books, CD's & DVD's distribution work, Sri Nitin Desai for auditing work and Smt. Meera & Sri Anil Lal for accounting the entire money transaction work. Revered Sri Swamiji's "Divya Tour 2008" unfolded from Chicago with the Grace & Blessings of  Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and it took a shape as per His Will only.

Pujya Swamiji's Thanks letter to Organizers

Rev Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj conveys His thanks to Sri Hari & Smt. Aprna of Wisconsin, Sri Jeshbhai Shah of Anoopam Mission Chandramani Tailor , Sri Jogendrabhai  Patel , Himmat Swami of UK, Sri Nikunj Mehta , Smt.Pappu Sodhani, Smt.Tejal Shah, Sri Kamlesh Dave, Smt. Anjali Shah of  Toronto, Sri Anant Dixit (Shashtriji), Smt Bindu Mistry, Rajesh Laugani  of Toledo, Sri Dinesh Patel of Bloomington, Indiana, Sri Jaykishan Patel, Sri Ravi Ponanagi  of Atlanta, Smt. Bhabani Sarkar of Charlotte, Sri Indra Soni of Alabama, Sri Ram Jakhotia of Tampa, Florida, Smt. Bhakti & Sri Govind Nadkarni of Corpus Christi, Smt. Myra Romero of  New Mexico, Sri Dr.Gulsan & Smt. Neelam Shethi of Tuscan, Arizona, Sri Ashok Bhatt & Sri Vinod Rana of Los Angeles, Sri Salil Nanda & Sri Muni Bir of Calagry, Sri Suren Mehta of Winnipeg, Smt. Meera & Anil Lal , Sri Suneel Shekhari, Smt. Minti & Sri Ravi Kapoor of Detroit for joining in Pujya Swamiji's Mission of Service to Humanity, organizing programs and hosting Rev Swamiji Maharaj.

Sri Swamiji Mahahraj is also highly thankful to all lovers of the Lord and devotees those, who all invited Revered Swamiji to visit their homes for Bhiksha, satsang & visit etc………. Finally Sri Swamiji Maharaj is grateful to Almighty Lord, Sri Sri Sri Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Mahahraj, Gurumaharaj Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj and especially Weather God to be kind & generous at all time, during entire tour, especially for favoring the suitable weather. Om Shanti!

The organizers of His "Divya Tour 2008" feel highly honored & grateful to Swamiji Maharaj to grant the request of visit here in the West this summer for the benefits of people in the West. 

Sri Swamiji had four days stop over visit in UK before touched down to India on Nov 21, 2008.

UK Visit (Nov 16, 2008 - Nov 19,2008) Sri Swamiji Maharaj arrived here on Sunday, Nov 16, 2008 forenoon. Sri Swamiji attended satsang at Sri Anoopam Mission and after spending three days at central London as well at Bristol, He departed on Nov 20, 2008 early morning, arriving back to Motherland India on Nov 21, 2008 at dawn. Om Shanti!

Chicago:( Nov 13, 2008 - Nov 15, 2008) On Nov 13, 2008 auspicious Dev Diwali evening, Rev. Sri Swamiji Maharaj arrived here at Chicago, His last stop of His Divya Tour 2008 US, on the way to UK and  finally to Sivananda Ashram, India. Pujya Swamiji Maharaj was received by Naik's at the airport. As always, they are ever ready for Swamiji's Darshan, Satsang & to receive His Blessings. During, His two days stay, Swamiji was scheduled to have a thorough medical check up by Dr. Dilip Parikh, an eminent cardiologist & Swamiji's physician. Sri Swamiji Mahahraj has paid his homage to Sri H. H Sri Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj at Sri Swami Narayan Temple (BAP'S) here in Chicago.

Pujya Swamiji's Divya Tour 2008 concluded with wonderful satsang at Smt.Rama & Harishji Kapoor's home. It was for a special prayer for Sri Harishji, who is going through sufferings because of Terminal Cancer. Pujya Swamiji's holy presence & Kirtan brought light, joy & hope to Sri Harishji & all the members of his family. It brought solace and comforts to all. Pujya Swamiji departed for UK on night of Nov 15, 2008 by United Airline at 9.05 pm.  

Troy (Michigan) (Nov 6, 2008- Nov 13,2008) Most Worshipful and Revered Sri Adhytamanandahi Maharaj arrived to Detroit Metro airport from Winnipeg on Nov 6, 2008 afternoon. A formal reception was given to Sri Swamiji Mahahraj at Bharatiya Temple. Sri Swamiji's discourses were organized at Sri Balaji Temple on Karma, Bhakti & Jnana Yoga for three days. Revered Swamiji Maharaj shared his knowledge at Smt. Manjula & Dr. Arvind Patel, Smt. Rashmi & Sri Sunil Shekhri , Smt. Minti & Sri Ravi Kapoor, Smt. Dr. Jayshree & Dr. Jagmohan's holy abode. On holy Devothan Ekadashi, Sri Swamiji Mahaharj performed Sri Tulsi Vivah and Sri Satya Narayan pooja – katha at Smt. Meera & Sri Anil Lal's holy abode.

Free Yoga workshops were conducted at Troy community center on Nov 7th, 9th 10th & 11th morning from 6.00am – 7.15 am. Revered. Sri Swamiji was invited to grace the holy abode of number of devotee's homes namely, Smt. Rashmi & Sri Nitin Desai, Smt.& Sri Sridhar. May God bless all of them. May God be with them. May God protect them all. Om Shanti.

Winnipeg (Oct 28, 2008 - Nov 5, 2008)  Rev Sri Swamiji Maharaj arrived here on auspicious Deepavali day on Nov 29, 2008. Hindu Temple had organized Laxmi Punjan & Diwali celebration in holy presence of Sri Swamiji Mahahraj.

 Here, Pujya Swamiji met Dr. Pravin Sagar a well- known Physician. His own life experience is worth sharing with others, perhaps it may be of inspiration to someone else. Twenty years back on one cold evening, while shoveling snow, he suffered an injury on his back and subsequent more problems related to arthritis, which made him crippled.  After suffering for six years and  treatment of various kind and from many doctors, taking so many pills daily etc.., he was inspired by his friend to start swimming. He never before went to swimming pool even. Oct 28, 1994 he started water exercises & swimming, slowly improving on his pains that he could cut down on his medication to none over the period of time. He is fit and back to normal work schedule. On Oct 28, 2008, he celebrated fourteen years of his non-stop swimming schedule for an hour daily, in presence of Sri Swamiji's Maharaj. Pujya Swamiji Maharaj congratulated Dr. Pravin Sagar for his sincerity, tenacity, loyalty and regularity in his daily swimming exercise. With the life story of Sri Pravin Sagar Swamiji brought beautifully the thought of Daily Spiritual Sadhana and put emphasis on regularity, sincerity & tenacity  to reach the goal of Life the "God Realization" through daily sadhana.

Minitoba club of Winnipeg is 150 years old traditional Canadian club. Revered Swamiji was invited to the club to address the members of the club. First time in the history of the club, a Hindu Monk was invited to address the members and no wine or any hard drinks were served. Vegetarian salad fruits and coffee were served after Swamiji's discourse.

Happy Diwali & New Year gathering of Gujarati Samaj, Skandha Shasti of Sri Lankan Family Samaj, Annakoot of Sri Swami Narayan devotees, Sri Jalaram Jayanti and pot-luck of Yoga attendees were celebrated in Swamiji's presence at Hindu temple. During His stay, Sri Swamiji was honored for grand lunch by Revered Dr. Naranjan Dhalla, a well-known physiologist and Director of vascular Research Center Manitoba. Also, Sri Swamiji was invited by number of devotees for satsnag, lunch dinner as well the house warming.

Thanks to Smt. Chandrakala & Sri Sure Mehta for arranging and coordinating Sri Swamiji's program at Winnipeg and also thanks to Smt. Bhoomi and Sri Ketan Joshi for hosting Sri Swamiji Maharaj. God Bless them all.

Arrival back from "Divya Tour 2008"

 On Nov 21, 2008 Pujya Swamiji arrived from His Divya Tour 2008 to the West. Devotees  were overwhelmed with jou to receive Their beloved Swamiji Maharaj at the airport. Directly from the airport Sri Swamiji Maharaj went to Sri Ambaji Temple and then He attended Shodashi services of Brahmleen Sri Gurukrupanandaji Maharaj at Khedbrahma.

On Nov 22, 2008 Pujya Swamiji  arrived to Holy Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad. A special satsang & get together was held on return back after about four months of Pujya Swamiji Maharaj.

Jamnagar: On Nov 25, 2008  Rev. Swamiji Maharaj visited Jamnagar on the invitation of Shri Jyotindrabhai Rindani to attend Maharudra Yajna. Swamiji  then proceeded to Dwarka and after having darshan of Lord Sri Dwarkadhish, He returned to the ashram.

On November 27, 2008 Pujya Swamiji left to Delhi on His tour to Taiwan from Nov 28, 2008 - December 10, 2008.

Regular Activities and Services at the Holy Sivananda Ashram

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