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Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad  

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Divya Jivan Newsletter
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad
  June 2019
OM Namo Bhagawate Sivanandaya!    
OM Namo Bhagawate Chidanandaya!
OM Namo Narayanaya!
Remembering " Sannyasa Diksha" day  of Holy Master Sri Swami Sivananda (June 1, 2017)
"Rare it is to find a parallel to the type of life—of lofty, sublime selflessness and total, wonderful, dedicated selfless service of all God’s creatures—that Gurudev was and placed before us as an ideal. It is to this embodiment of selflessness and selfless service, this great expounder of nishkama-karma-yoga, who boldly declared, "Service of humanity is worship of God," that we pay our homage. May his blessings be upon us all!"

"All Gurudev’s life after Self-realisation, after becoming an enlightened sage and shining as a great light of the Himalayas, was a saga of selfless service—service of the poor, service of the suffering, service of the sick, service of the distressed, service of spiritual aspirants and seekers, service of all humanity, service of the whole world. In diverse, numerous ways, his entire life was one great, continuous stream of selfless service. He had even forgotten how to think of himself; he could only think of others. He lived thinking of others: "In what way can I be of benefit, in what way can I serve?" That was Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj till the very last days."  - Swami  Chidananda << Read More>>

Early Morning Meditation Talks from " Ponder These Truths " by  Sri  Swami Chidananda

Faith Hope and Charity

" Faith, hope and charity—never let go of these. Always let them be enshrined within you faith in the Supreme, hope for yourself and charity towards all."
"Thus finish your journey and you will attain the Goal. The journey will take you to your destiny—your divine destiny, the fulfillment of which is the most important thing in life. All other things come afterward; they are secondary. In this way, understand your life, understand yourself, understand your relationship to the Maker, and understand your relationship to the rest of creation."
"May you ponder these cardinal points of your life’s journey—charity towards God’s creatures, absolute hope about yourself, and absolute faith in the Being Who has brought you into being, Who has placed you among His creatures, so that you may become like Him and you can attain Him as your supreme Goal!" - Swami Chidananda << More>>

Learning of  "Jeevan Yog" from a Yoga Acharya Swami Adhyatmananda
Through TV episodes of "Jeevan Yoga Series "  by Doordarshan Girnar

Flexibility Exercises
Regular practice of simple and gentle flexibility exercises will improve stamina and strength, reduce aches and pains, improve posture and body alignment , improve immune system, awaken body and energize the mind and finally leads one to evolve spiritually. ......<<More>>  / "Jeevan Yoga Series "

Included in this chapter - demonstration & explanation of flexibility exercises, still better guide is through Yoga DVD.  For the purchase of  DVD ( Yoga, A way of Life) please contact the Ashram  # 079-26861234 or email:
Highlighting the News and upcoming events

The Annual Function of Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sangh & Amrut Mahotsav celebrations at the Ashram commenced from April 19, 2019, and concluded on May 3, 2019. It indeed was a spiritual feast for the devotees. The satsang with Mahatama, Yajana worship, Bhakti Sangeet, Devi Worship at night with Garba, and more.... filled the entire fifteen days of festivity.

The Spiritual festivities culminated in 75th Prakatya Mahotsav of His Holiness Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj on May 3, 2019. Highlights of the day......... Shehnai Vadan early in the morning by Gayekwad Brothers brought peaceful breeze, which followed Morning prayers and meditation with Yoga Shibir attendees and felicitation of Pujya Swamiji by Yoga Teachers. Pujya Swamiji talked about "Guru Mahima" and poured His heart in singing the Glories of HIS Master Gurumaharaj Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj & GuruBhagawan Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. Then followed darshan of the Temple shrines, Guru Paduka Pujan & Pad Pujan, Ayush homam and Prasad served to all at Noon. In the evening greetings by H. E Governor of Gujarat Sri Omprakash kohliji followed by Bhakti sangeet of Pandit Sri Vikas Parikh, Sri Niraj Parikh family filled the air with divine vibrations which continued till midnight meditation.

The whole day festivity concluded with Shringar worship by the devotees of their beloved Pujya Sri Swamiji Maharaj. They dressed him up with  a Crown ( Mukut) and yellow silken rob in the image of the Lord and Pujya Swamiji honoring the devotee's sentiments, let it run the outside show without a least touched by it. << Complete Report >>

 News & Activity report for the Month of May 2019
Amrut Mahotsav Photos
Divya Jivan / May & June 2019

Q & A on Spiritual Life and Sadhana from “May I Answer That?”- by Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.
Can truth be compromised in the sense that telling a lie is sometimes not only inevitable, but also indispensable? Will such a breaking away from truth be justified?

Truth is truth and falsehood is falsehood. They are as wide apart as the terminals of a diameter of a circle or the north and the south poles. He who wants ethical perfection, who loves Dharma for the sake of the Supreme, ought to stick to truth however crucial be the circumstances, however tense be the situation. Think of Harischandra ... how he stuck to truth even in
the face of trials. How his name is to stand, for all time to come, for truth undimmed! Harischandra was truth personified. That is why he is known as Satya Harischandra. This single instance is enough to sustain man’s living on a sound basis of truth, however disastrous and threatening be the crises one has to face. However inevitable and indispensable it be, and however much the situation demands to gain some selfish ends, falsehood should ruthlessly be avoided. Truth and falsehood cannot be linked together. Yoking of the one with the other is awfully absurd. No doubt, in the Bhagavata and other Puranas a few exceptional instances have been cited, where speaking untruth would be considered appropriate. But they are a matter of exception, they are not applicable to all times and all persons. For illuminating and interesting information in this connection, go through my book, "Ethical Teachings".

Amrut Mahotsav of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj

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