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This document has been created to establish certain guidelines for organizing Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji’s programs. 

 Where should I begin?

 Swami Adhyatmanandaji is a highly enlightened being who naturally radiates divinity. He has so much to offer to the spiritual seekers that we feel compelled to have as many people as possible to take advantage of such opportunity to come in touch with such a rare one. The more people come in contact with him, the better it is. We personally feel highly obliged to person who was instrumental in bringing him to our life and we feel obligated to do the same for the others.

It is highly recommended that you yourself get acquainted with swamiji’s work and get convinced as to what he has to offer to the people and community at large. This can be done by reading “Samarpan”, a souvenir published to commemorate Swamiji’s Golden Jubilee birthday anniversary in 1993.  The book contains articles written about Swamiji by respected saints as well as common people who are fortunate to come in close contact with him and know him. Audio and videotapes of his live programs are also available. We believe more you know about him; the better you will be to organize the programs.   

How to Introduce Swamiji?

It is a great responsibility to introduce Swami Adhyatmanandaji properly to public. The following information may be helpful. 

 Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji is from Sivanand Ashram, Ahmedabad.  He is the most beloved disciple of H. H. Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj who represented Hinduism in the Parliaments of World’s religion in 1993, commemorating one hundred years of the famous address of Swami Vivekananda. Divine Life Society was established by Sri Sivanandaji Maharaj in 1936. Swami Sivanandaji was a doctor but he soon found out that he needed to give more than medicines to alleviate the human sufferings and impart everlasting peace and happiness. What people needed the most was spiritual knowledge. He undertook severe spiritual sadhana for many years and realized the ultimate truth. He saw the God face to face and was inspired to write three hundred books for the benefit of seekers. Swami Adhyatmanandaji has been incessantly spreading the message of Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj for more than 25 years, having joined the Sivanand Ashram in 1972. Not only does he have a dynamic and versatile personality; he is also a magnificent orator, a melodious singer and a spiritual giant who wins the heart of everyone who he comes in contact with. Swamiji has been described as “The Crest Jewel” of the Divine Life Society. His humility, simplicity and down to earth practical approach appeal everyone. The Swamiji has been the most sought after for spiritual discourses in India and all abroad. Swamiji has visited United States several times. We are highly obliged to Swamiji for taking out time for us. The Swamiji is also a world renown authority in YOGA and special morning Yoga classes has been arranged for you and we hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity. It is a great honor and privilege to present Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj to you. 

How do I undertake publicity? 

Publicity should be undertaken as early as possible. Publicity is important because we want more people to be benefited by Swamiji’s holy presence and erudite discourses.  People will thank you for making it possible for them to see Swamiji. Followings are a few suggestions as to how publicity could be done effectively. 


 Fliers can be made by the institution where swamiji will be giving programs as well as the organizers. Photographs and materials for publicity are available on request. Fliers could be displayed at the bulletin boards of the various religious organizations, Indian grocery and appliance stores etc.  Please make the informational fliers available during Swamiji’s program to disseminate information about upcoming programs in the local areas.  

Newspaper Advertisement

Advertisement in the local Indian newspaper will reach the mass of people. Ideally it should be given one week before the programs. Proper photograph and detail will attract a lot of religious minded people.  

NewsLetters and Periodicals

 Newsletter of the institution where the Swamiji is giving program should include the announcement as major upcoming event. The organizer should find out who is the in charge of publishing the news letter and ask to see him directly, provide all the information and if possible a short article about the Swamiji. You will be able to do a lot better job if you initiate this a lot in advance.  

Mailing Lists

 Obtain mailing list from the religious organizations and mail it on your own. By this way you can pass on a lot more information about the program, the Swamiji and what he has to offer. 

Newspaper Article

 Writing a short article in the form of announcement in the local Indian newspaper will draw a lot of attention. If you are giving an advertisement, the newspaper will facilitate this. 


Do not miss the opportunities of making frequent announcements in the gatherings of the members of the organization where the swamiji is to give programs.  

Word of Mouth

Call your friends and invite them for the programs. Arrange home satsung calling all friends and relatives before a big program in institutes.   

Team Approach 

The organizer should form a team of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers and assign them with responsibilities.  In normal circumstances, the organizer will act as a coordinator and provide leadership and direction to the team. Recognizing strength and weaknesses of individual team members and assigning work accordingly will ensure success.  Periodic meetings and proper follow-ups are essential.  With team approach, a lot more will be accomplished in short time than otherwise and quality of work will reflect that.  

Bhiksa and Home Visits 

It is our experience that after listening to the Swamiji, a lot of people will approach you to see if the Swamiji could come to their home and bless them.  The benefit that one get by direct satsung is immeasurable and we believe, it should be encouraged.  The host generally invites some friends and relatives who will get benefit of satsung with the Swamiji. The devotion that one develops after such one to one meeting is very important for spiritual awakening and growth. It is a customary that during such visit, a devotee offers some gurudakshina along with a fruit basket.  Fruits are usually distributed as prasad by the Swamiji to host and guests who has assembled.  If there are many people gathered, the Swamiji might at his discretion decide to give a small talk for benefit of people assembled.  

Donation and Contribution 

Swamiji represents the great lineage of the Guru-Shishya Parampara of the great Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, who took great pleasure in giving people everything he had and hence he was known as “Givananda” and  Sri Swami Chidananaji Maharaj who is regarded as one of the greatest living saints and is highly recognized  for his humility and generosity.  Swamiji has come here to give us the knowledge of the Self, knowledge of our great Scriptural heritage, Yoga and Pranayama.  Let no one ever think that the Swamiji comes here for funding. Swamiji has many devotees all over India and abroad who appreciate the Lord’s work.  However, it is our experience that many people get inspired by his divine presence to make offerings.  We believe that such offering that comes from within as an expression of gratitude, love and devotion does a lot of good to the devotee in his spiritual quest.   

Books, Audio and Video Tapes and Digital Media 

Swami Sivanandaji has extensively written more than three hundred books on the subject of spirituality.  Each one is a masterpiece. Many of them are made available for the benefit of the spiritual seekers.  There are some other books on the subject of spirituality and Yoga that are also made available as well selected audio and video tapes.  It is a great service to the spiritual seekers who can continue with their regular spiritual sadhana and swadhyaya long after the retreat. The organizer should assign the responsibility to handle this part of the program to some dedicated volunteers.  Following are the points worth noting. 

·        Enough educational materials should be obtained at least two weeks before the retreat.

·        Books, audio and video tapes stall should be set up before the people start coming and they should be made available at least for 30 to 45 minutes after the program.

·        It should be announced frequently that books, videotapes and audio tapes are available.

·        Books and tapes can be shipped to the places to be visited by Swamiji in the near future. 

Program Format 

On weekdays, evening discourse for about 90 minutes around 7.00 PM and early morning Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama classes should be arranged, ideally around 5.30 am.  Lunch Bhiksha and Dinner Bhiksha are very common but if there is more demand than the slots are available, breakfast bhiksha can be arranged.  Commuting distance should be taken into account, as it should not be too exhaustive for Swamiji. On Saturday, Sunday and Holidays more program should be arranged. Many religious organizations have there weekly gathering on Sundays anytime between 9.00 Am to 4 PM,  so more than one institutions can be scheduled if such opportunities are available. Encourage the family to call as many people as possible during Bhiksha time so, more people can have benefit of Swamiji’s presence and satsang.  

Program Preferences

If there is request for weekdays (only), it can be easily coordinated. However, only weekend program would not workout especially in North America. It has to be allotted with weekdays to make proper balance.  Major (temple or similar) & multiple programs can be arranged during the weekends, while light programs, home satsang and home visits generally are planned during the weekdays. In general, each venue with weekend program is allotted a week (something like Thursday to Thursday) or five days (like Thursday - Tuesday)

Sound System 

Good PA system (Public Address System) is very important especially when Swamiji has to address public gathering at least twice a day and seven days a week. No system or bad system will affect the delivery of address adversely and strain his larynx that will also affect his future programs. Swamiji’s discourses are also full of Bhajans and Kirtans so if you can arrange for somebody to play drums, harmonium and other available musical instruments and talents that will be an added plus. Swamiji himself is a very knowledgeable in music and knows well to use the available talents. It is all up to us to eke out maximum from the this god given opportunity.  


Swamiji is extremely particular about time. He will start his program in time and he will finish it at the designated time.  Please take extra precaution to see that punctuality is not sacrificed in ordinary circumstances. Proper planning will help you to meet this goal. 

Some Special Words to Organizers 

As an organizer, you and your family get the maximum benefits from Swamiji’s visit, as you get to spend more time with him and observe him respond in different situations. Being in his presence is like bathing in peace and divinity. He is like a mirror, in which you will see all your deficiencies. If you make a mistake, he will tell you straight and might rebuke you. You are lucky if he rebukes you, because then you know for sure that he loves you. we, for one, will never exchange the time that we spent with him for anything in the world and seize all the available such opportunities at any cost. In these days and age, rare are the mahatmas and only one amongst them is Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji, so take advantage of this God given rare opportunity. We assure you that you will be glad that you did and will look forward to having another such opportunity. 


Swamiji seldom gets time to sit and write a book. His speeches are spontaneous and natural outpour of divine inspiration. All his work is being collected and treasured for future publications. Organizers are requested to make audio and/or video tapes of the discourses. Also collect the newspaper clipping, media coverage and any other relevant materials.  


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