Announcing Divya Tour 2012 ( Jun 21, 2012 - Sept 20, 2012)
Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji 

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Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad humbly announces Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj's Divya Tour 2012 ( Jun 19, 2012 - Sept 20, 2012) to the West.

An invitation of a devotee led to an inquiry with the key organizers of the past Divya Tours of Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji and collecting the responses from them have made Pujya Swamiji's Divya Tour 2012 a reality. Here are all those responses (of a few) that represent the feelings of many devotees at different centers.

Pujya Swamiji has honored their feelings. He thanks them all who are ready to receive Him. He welcomes them all for joining him in his Mission of the service to humanity and spreading the message of Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

It is all the grace and blessings of Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj & Gurumaharaj Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj.

"Remember God is the Inner Prompter, who impels you to action. You are only His instrument. Service of humanity is Service of God." - Swami Sivananda


Namoh Narayan Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji
Thanks for your love and blessings. We look forward to seeing you. We will arrange the program in Troy – it will be much better (preferably) in July.
Best regards, Anil & Meera Lal ( Troy, Michigan)

Hari Om.
Sastang Pranams.
It is great news. Yes, it is time to invite revered Swami to US. We may be able to organize a program
in Atlanta. Kindly keep a space for Atlanta in Swamiji's itinerary.
Ravi R. Ponangi (Atlanta)  PR Publicity Media
Om Namo Narayana.
On my behalf in NJ( South ), I will support and help main organizer.
Nick Mehta
Nick Mehta MDPA (NJ)
Hari Om !
Sorry for the delay in replying. We would definitely like to invite Swamiji to Milwaukee and can arrange Satsang/Yoga camp here.
With regards, Hari  (Milwaukee, WI)
Dear Pujay Swamiji,
Hari OM!
We will arrange a program once we have the dates that Pujay Swamiji will be arriving.We will appreciate if keep us informed on the plans and dates.
With regards, Pappu sodhani,( Boonton NJ)
Dearest, Most Holy & Radiant Swamiji,
Om Namo Narayana! God Bless You.
Loving Pranams & Adoration to You on this most Beautiful, Special & Auspicious Day!
We have just heard the news that you will be coming to our area this Summer. Our hearts are full of joy to hear this news.Please know we are here to support you in any way we can and we hope that you will visit the kula-kamala-yoga school to share the beauty of the yogic teachings with us. Truly we are here for you and we carry you in our hearts always. Love is Everything. Namaste.  Sudha & Yogi Ed Allitt 732.333.3156 (yoga school)
OM Namo Narayan,
Once I know the dates then I can bring it up in the Temple, at which point I will be able to let you know.
Thank you for thinking about me and giving me the privilege to do some SEVA.
Regards, Archana. (Los Angeles)
Pujya Swami ji and Devotees of the Ashram,
Pranam, Aum Namo Narayanaya,
This is Anant Dixit from Toledo OH. We would like to arrange Swamiji's program. Please provide possible dates. I'll check with my temple's executive committee. Please provide further it is available.
With Kind regards,  Anantkumar Dixit,  Priest (Hindu Temple of Toledo)
Hari Om. Pranam to Pujya Swamiji.
We will able to organize a program and or Satsang in Charlotte, NC.
Kindly keep a space for Charlotte, NC in Swamiji's itinerary.
Bhabani Sarkar, (Charlotte, NC)
Pujya Shree SwamiJi 
Hari Om! Om Namo Narayana sah Sadar Pranam to Your Lotus feet! 
We are blessed and fortunate as always to get attention and acceptance for our simple invitation and wish for Pujya Shree SwamiJi be there for Ruchi. We have a faith some thing wonderful will shape such that many more will take advantage of Pujya Shree being in USA. We personally Thank you for the initiations of effort in that direction. 
At H.C.C. Sri Sureshbhai ( Yoga Teacher ) and others has got the Divya Tour message and they would reach out with the updates from there side from the organization perspective. 
Shah family will await for more to come, worked out and serve.  
Amit and Tejal's Sadar Pranam sah Hari Om!
Pujya Swamiji ,
Hari OM.Salutation and loving Greetings.
We will arrange a program once we have the dates that Swamiji will be arriving in Toronto. Please keep us informed on the plans and dates of Swamiji’s tour. Regards to all. God Bless You all with peace and love.
Yours, Humesh Kapitan. (Toronto)
Hello! I wanted to let you know that Gulshan and I would love to have dear and respected Swami ji visit us in Tucson during his upcoming trip to the US. Please get in touch with me so that we can plan on the dates and organize the program.
Thank you so very much.
With regards, Neelam. (Tuscan)
Om Namo Narayanaya!
We are happy to learn Pujya Swamiji's visit to US/Canada in 2012. It will be our pleasure in arranging Swamiji's program in Toronto.
Kind Regards,
Kamlesh Dave (Toronto)
Om Namo Narayana
Sorry for the delayed response
We are delighted to learn Pujya Swamiji's USA Tour.
We would be glad to host Swamiji for LA visit. However, our concern is the program arrangement. We have poor responses from local temple authority, so we do not know if the program could materialize. You may add LA, but it would uncertain. Let us know the time frame for Pujya Swamiji's LA visit.
Hari Om! Vinod Rana (Los Angeles)
Blessed Self,  Harih OM.
We are very happy to know that Pujya Swami Adhyaatmaananda ji may visit USA, particularly west coast locations, during this coming summer of 2012. Please note that we will be delighted and feel privileged to host Pujya Swamiji in Bakersfield, CA on mutually convenient date/s during his visit to Los Angeles/San Francisco/San Diego Area.
Please kindly let us know Pujya Swamiji's itinerary and schedule for the west coast so that we may work with you to finalize potential date/s for his visit to Bakersfield, CA. Please convey our Namaskaara and Namo Narayana to Pujya Swamiji. Love and regards to all. Harih OM.
In His service, Ashok & Sudha Bhatt (Bakersfield, CA)
Namo Narayan!!!!
I am Priti Mankodi from Wichita Falls, TX
Swamiji is planning to for summer 2012. I would like to help for the same. If you can give me time frame I can also invite to my town. What is the good phone no. to contact for the program?  Priti Mankodi
I will help. R. Rana. (Los Angeles)
OM Namo Narayan! Dear Respected Sevakji, we are planning to visit India in summer so we may not be able to host a program, however if we are in Chicago when Pujya Swamiji visits, we will do our best to host a program. Devyani & Dhaval Raj. From Chicago.
Om Sri Sai Ram,
Pranams! With SATHYA SAI BABA's Blessings and our prayers to BABA, we will be honored to receive and serve Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji during His stay in New Jersey this summer. SAIRAM.  Ishu & Naresh Lalla (New Jersey)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hari Om ! Om Namo Narayana,
I lived in Toledo, Ohio and was one of the main organizers of Swamiji's program in Toledo. We have moved to Orlando, Florida since November, 2011. I am not very involved yet in the temple here but Pujya Swamiji has visited Orlando in the past. The temple executive committee wants some more information about Pujya Swamiji's visit and  the expenses the temple would incur for his visit. So, can you please send me some info. and the time period when he will be able to visit Orlando ? Thank you very much and I hope, I can be helpful in planning this event here so that I can see Pujya Swamiji again. Hoping to hear from you soon, Bindu Mistry
Please include my name (Dinesh Patel) for program in Bloomington, Indiana.

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