Adhyatma Tour 2014 to USA, Canada & UK (June 14, 2014- Sept 1, 2014)
H.H. Swami Adhyatmanandaji

Adhyatma Tour 2014 reflection

 Sharing the experiences of devotees ..............

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Adhyatma Tour in Slide show

 People asked Pujya Swamiji the secret of His ever Vibrant, Radiant & Joyful nature? "Abide In The SELF",  He says………." In all condition I am Bliss, Bliss, Bliss Absolute"……Adopt, Adjust &  Accommodate" ……And each breath of His, is in the remembrance of GOD and in the service of His Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Mahahraj & Gurubhagavan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. Their ever flowing Grace is the force behind everything.

Yes, that is what we observe being with HIM in proximity during HIS Adhyatma Tour. Pujya Swamiji carries a spark of love, light & joy. He kindles and inspire people, who ever come in contact with HIM. HIS Divine satsang and Yoga teaching has brought joy, peace & bliss to countless spiritual aspirants and yoga enthusiasts in the West. Devotees appreciate His simplicity, sincerity and down to earth simple living, a Yoga way of Living, in the true sense

Adhyatma Tour 2014 of Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj commenced from Chicago on June 13. Pujya Swamiji received warm welcome by Naiks. Swamiji call Chicago His " Mother Center".  Swamiji's Adhyatma tours get organized as per SIVA's WIll, ever since Pujya Swamiji has established Holy Master Swami Sivanandaji at HIS abode.

Adhyatma Tour is moving smoothly with Gurudev's grace & blessings – The programs at Chicago, Madison, Corpus Christi,  Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte,  Milwaukee,  Indianapolis, Detroit , Toledo, Toronto are completed and now in its last segment to New Jersey ( Aug 5 – Aug 17). Spiritual and Yoga Retreat at Sanatan Mandir (at Parsippany) and Srimad Bhagawat katha at Bharat Sevashram have been scheduled around NJ area.

Pujya Swamiji's day typically starts early with morning yoga session, home satsangs, home visits, bhiksha to honor devotees' wishes, evening satsangs, special requests, press interviews, visit to sick ones, prayer for depressed ones and more till the late at night most of the days. His Mission is service to humanity, service to known and unknown. HE has been continuously spreading the message of sages of the yore and sharing the knowledge of ancient cultural and scientific heritage of ancient India through Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. 

Some of the highlights of Adhyatma Tour programs.................

Pujya Swamiji's happy 70 years celebration and Gurupurnima celebrations (at Chicago),  Pranprtishta Mahotsav of Lord Sri Satya Narayan Deity (at Madison Mandir), a story of healing blessings to Nartan's (San Jose organizer) Dad at Nursing home, Key note address at Rotarian Meeting, Srimad Bhagawat Katha at Sanatan Mandir, Meeting Health Minister of Government of India - Sri Harsha Vardan (at Atlanta), a story of 10 year old boy, Deepak Laugani (at Detroit),  Devi Bhagwata Saptah at Toronto,  Spiritual retreat & Morning Yoga Camp at Sanatan Mandir (Parsippany NJ), Srimad Bagawat Saptah &  Morning Yoga Camp at Bharat Sevashram,  Spiritual Retreat at Bomley (London) and more .......

 Here, we bring wonderful experiences of peace and joy, sentiments of deepest gratitude of devotees and organizers in their own words …..….  

Troy, Michigan (July 18, 2014 - July 24, 2014) 

"Hari OM from Friends in Michigan!"

By Meera & Neil, President DJSS, USA

We, Friends in Michigan, had a joyous time with Swami Adhyatmanandaji listening to many beautiful Pravachans and attending the morning Yoga sessions from July 18, 2014 till July 24, 2014 this year. We all Friends in Michigan, enjoyed every minute of Swamiji’s all lectures and his cheerfulness in providing us the divine guidance.

Swamiji started the Michigan tour with the first Pravachan at the Bhartiya Temple on the eve of the start of the Akhandya Ramayana Recital. Swamiji’s Discourse on Glory of Purushotam Shri Rama & Hanuman-Ji started and concluded beautifully the weekend program of Akhandya Ramayana at the Bhartiya Temple. Truly Swamiji is a cornerstone and a part of the foundation of the Bhartiya Temple, and will remain a constant source of inspiration for carrying out the Indian traditions & rituals.

On Saturday July 19, 2014 Swamiji gave a great perspective and highly insightful Pravachan on the context and the learnings from the Veda, Upanishads, and Puranas.

On Sunday July 20, 2014 Swamiji gave an exquisite and highly insightful Pravachan on Divine Ma Shakti and ways to invoke Her blessings.

In Pravachan on Monday July 21, 2014 Swamiji made us aware of the answers which are in Bhagvad Gita to all of our daily problems.

Along with the Spiritual Well Being, Swamiji is very much aware of the need of the Physical Well Being of Friends in Michigan. He in a very astute manner tailored the morning Yoga Classes to suit the need of the group and enabling them maximum benefit. We all thank Swamiji for his keen interest in our well beings.

We want to share a story of a young boy,  Deepak Laugani - He made packages of fresh mint from his back yard garden and sold at the satsang place and he donated the entire collection to DJSS for the benefits of Indian Children. Our hats off to His thoughtfulness and his parents Rohit & Priya Laugani.

Friends in Michigan were also blessed to have many other informal settings of small group discussions and get Swamiji’s guidance on the divine direction. We look forward to his visits and guidance every time.

Hari-Om! Namo Narayana!!


Atlanta (June 25, 2014 - July 7, 2014)  

"Swami Adhyatmanandaji Addresses Community of Different Back Grounds"

By Ravi R Ponangi (India Tribune, PR publicity media)

Atlanta, GA: Swami Adhyatmanandaji’s stay in Atlanta from June 25 to July 6 was hectic. Swamiji attended many programs in and around Atlanta. Swamiji has attended 3-4 programs every day while he was in Atlanta. People from diverse cultures and different back grounds had an opportunity to hear Swamiji and had an interaction with Swamiji on one on one basis. Swamiji addressed social workers, community leaders, businessmen, professionals, students and spiritual seekers.

Key note address to Rotarians: Swamiji arrived in Atlanta on the evening of June 25 and immediately drove to give a key note address at the installation ceremony of new office bearers of Rotary club of Emory Druid Hills (RCEDH) which was held in Palace Restaurant. His words of wisdom on building peace across nations, meeting basic human needs, leadership , attendance and service above self was outstanding. It left the Rotarians enriched from his talk. Ms. Alicia Michaels, District 6900 Governor, Rtn Barry Smith, Past district Governor and Rtn. Ben Hunter, Assistant District Governor were present among many community leaders.

IPN: Secrets of success in business and professional life:  On June 26, Swamiji addressed a group of businessmen and professionals in Indian professionals network (IPN) meeting at Ashiana banquette hall in Norcross. The attendance was impressive despite the fact of another important event was held in the city where Consul General of India in Atlanta hosted a reception in honor of the visiting dignitary Sri Harshavardan, Government of India minister for health. Swamiji spoke on the secret of success in professional and business life. Swamiji's inspirational words for success in life will leave long lasting effects in audience, In His words," No profession is possible unless and until you know the root and root in two ends. The root is not strong, end cannot be reached. Have a strong foundation. If you want to propitiate in your business, never lose a chance to do business. Working hard is a must. As swami Vivekananda said struggle, struggle, struggle. Struggle is sine qua none of life. Success is possible with seriousness and sincerity. Be true to yourself. Identify yourself with business, profession. Don’t keep yourself separate. Thinking and planning is essential. In case, if you flourish in the profession you should be kind hearted and soft hearted and have sweet tongue. Don’t be harsh. Smile, quality and hard work are the secret of successful business. Plan and execute with love and affection. Choose whatever you want, small or big. Business is not some one’s fore father’s property. It is your property. What is needed is courage, seriousness, effort, hard work and loyalty. That will come only when you love your profession. Hard work with all sincerity, loyalty seriousness and love for the work magnify your profession. Never take the profession easy. Exhaust, alert, strive and struggle. Sowing the seed is not enough. You have to nurture it patiently and be vigilant. Don’t lose charm. Anything you want to do, physical fitness is a must. Don’t agitate, Don’t disturb yourself. Don’t keep your ego up. Be kind, humble, noble and simple. Whatever you are supposed to do, you do that at that time only. Keep in mind ‘DIN’, do it now and ‘KIV’, keep it in view.

To a question on spiritualization of professional life, Swamiji said anything you do think of god. Any thing you do eating, drinking or walking, you do whatever you are doing. At the same time keep your mind in Him only, 100% awareness of His existence. Your profession turns into spiritual.

Earlier, Dr. Narsi Narasimhan welcoming the audience and informed that IPN Atlanta was founded in 1993. After holding monthly meetings for more than 12 years, it was put on hold since there are other excellent professional networking opportunities offered in Atlanta by GIACC, NetIP-Atlanta and TiE-Atlanta. To fill a void in the community, we are back.
IPN does not have membership dues and everyone is welcome. Each monthly meeting is organized by a different volunteer leader.
Shiv Aggarwal and Dr. Ravi Sarma introduced Swamiji. Sarma said that lifelong gift that Swamiji has given to all of us is his unconditional love and affection. That’s what I go away every time I see Swamiji. If you ask me what he told on scriptures that day, I may not be able to remember. But I think of Swamiji, I think of his smile, genuine love and affection.

Swamiji’s talk on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama at Hindu temple: As always, Swamiji was received at Hindu temple of Atlanta, Riverdale with all temple honors, purna Kumbham while musical instruments are being played. After having the darshan of temple deities, Swamiji addressed the gathering on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. Swamiji has taken the starting word ‘Viswam’ from Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and explained. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama starts with one word viswam. Vishwam is the cosmic form of the lord. He is within and without. He is the supreme exist. Swamiji’s detailed explanation of various aspects of viswam with anecdotes impressed many.

Swamiji visits Guajarati Samaj: Swamiji addressed the members of Gujarati Samaj. The attendance was impressive. At the beginning Swamiji felicitated 3 senior couples who are above 80 year old with garlands. Swamiji exhorted members to teach their children their culture and language at home. He told audience that they are Indians first and then Guajarati. Swamiji commended Gujarati Samaj for the good work they are doing and encouraged them to work united to carry forward the Samaj projects. He asked the members not to keep their ego up and respect each other.

Swamiji addressed delegates of 2nd North America Telugu association Convention that was held in Atlanta which was held from July4-6. Swamiji welcomed Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and his wife Sandra deal who opened the convention.

Swamiji also blessed Hema Malini, a well known film artist and Bharata Natyam dancer who was in Atlanta presenting her dance ballet ‘Durga’.

Swamiji has also given Srimad Bhagavat Katha recital Srimad Bhagavat Saptah from June 29 to July 5 for the benefit of Sanatan Mandir, Smyrna.

Swamiji had a brief meeting with Sri Harsha Vardan, minister of health, Government of India in Atlanta.

Swamiji also conducted yoga asana classes in global mall in mornings. Swamiji's day started with morning yoga session, home visits and Satsangh, evening lectures, special requests, visit to sick ones.

The three day long NATA (North American Telugu Association) biennial convention - full of gaiety and pomp -concluded at the prestigious Georgia World Congress convention center (GWCC), Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, July 6. - Atlanta Dunia

Rotary club of Emory Druid Hills install new office bearers Atlanta Dunia

Srimad Bhagawat Katha at Sanatan Mandir, Atlanta

By Praful Desai

 Atlanta, GA: The nava-nirman of the Sanatan Mandir in Smyrna, the oldest Hindu temple in Atlanta – not belonging to any particular sect-started auspiciously with a Srimad Bhagavad Katha by Most Revered Swami Shree Adhyatmanandaji. The week-long event started with the chanting of Narayanopanishad and a Pothi Yatra from the existing temple to the Garbhagriha - the innermost sanctum of the new temple - where the Murtis (icons) of the deities will be residing. There was a spirit of joy, celebration and reverence as Swamiji recited mantras to bless the land where the new temple will be standing.

Swamiji commenced the Srimad Bhagavad Katha by invoking AUM in his deep and rich voice which transported the devotees to a higher level of spirituality. After paying obeisance to Lord Ganesh and other deities, the narrators and the setting of the Katha were recounted. Thus the audience entered the Katha.

From that moment onwards each moment of the Katha brought the devotees variety of experiences. Sometimes the intellect was illuminated by the Light within. Sometimes the heart was full of spiritual bliss. Oftentimes Swamiji’s lightheartedness gave penetrating insight into the code of conduct prescribed by the Bhagavad. The devotees were also regaled by Swamiji’s hymns and joined him in kirtans. The most surprising element of the Katha was Swamiji’s “Abhinav” talent – the ability to portray various emotions and events by facial and bodily expressions. This made the Katha interactive and allowed the devotees to experience the various characters, events and salient features of the Katha.

The Katha was also infused with Swamiji’s patriotism and cultural pride. But on July 4, USA Swamiji also expressed good wishes for the host nation and said “We say Bhaarat Mata and America Bhrata”. India is our Motherland but US is our Brother land”. The devotees responded with admiration.

Swamiji’s narration of Nrisimha avatar brought to life the Half man and Half lion manifestation of the Lord. The devotees were in awe. The birth of Lord Krishna was a festive occasion complete with Raas Garba. Rukmini Vivah on the fifth day was also complete with a wedding ceremony – including Mangal Fera - performed by Acharya Pramod Padhiji. The bride –Shree Rukmini and the groom - Shree Krishna were even bestowed with gifts and sweets.

The last day of the Katha gave insight into Lord Dattatreya various Gurus and the nine Yogeshwaras mentioned in the Bhagavad. The last moments were filled with pathos as Lord Krishna – the one who had captured the heart of all His devotees, one who fought against injustices, one who was fearless and courageous, one who was diplomatic and tactful, one who is the Awareness of the awareness , the Bliss of the Bliss, the Essence of the essence – leaves the earthly plain. The moment instructed the central message of the Bhagavad – the practice of Universal Love, Selfless Service and practicing higher values of life such as compassion, friendliness, piousness, simplicity and humbleness.

The Katha concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Prakash Desai, Mr. Bipin Changela- Vice President, Sanatan Mandir. Mr. Chandrabhushan (Chandler) and Mrs. Padmini Sharma honored the Swamiji with the customary shawl and Mr. Bhupen Bivek presented a basket of fruits. Mrs. Devyani Desai announced a relaunch of the Sanatan Mandir website which will enable the devotees to donate, sponsor an event and volunteer for an event online. An announcement for the Shilanyas ceremony- laying of the foundation stone – for the new Sanatan Mandir on Ganesh Chaturthi, August 29, 2014 was made by Dr. Prakash Desai bringing a round of applause.

Swamiji took the time to meet and bless all the volunteers who made the Katha successful.  People who attended Srimad Bhagavat Katha had an unforgettable experience.


Bloomington, Indiana (July 16, 2014 - July 18, 2014)

By Dinesh Patel

H. H. Lama Geshe Kunga eyes flowed with tears at end of two days satsang and meditation in early morning with Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji at Kumbum Chamtse Ling Temple in Bloomington Indiana.

On July 16, 2014 Swamiji gave a talk on 'Positive Tips For Peace Of Mind' and on July 17, 2014 Swamiji gave a talk on the subject of 'Meditation - the only Way to Peace'. Swamiji also conducted meditation at Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in main Temple in front of Hugh Buddha alter.

We all are thankful to Swamiji and all people involved in organizing this tour. Hope he visits again. Thank You 


San Jose, California (June 21, 2014 - June 24, 2014)    

By Nartan Shah

 Namo Narayan!! Swami Adhyamanandji's stay at San Jose, CA was a wonderful experience for all of us. Swamiji has touched everyone who have attended his lectures, pravachans out here. Swamiji had made sure that his lectures and pravanchans are audience specific and made interesting for the audience.

One of the home satsangs was targeted for younger kids. Swamiji lectured about Omakar in English in simplified language was really very impressive. It was really inspirational for younger kids and had fostered interest about Yoga and Omkar in younger generation.

 Some of the people I knew had drove over 50-60miles (~100 km) each way to attend his pravachan and satsang every day while he was here and had seek Mantra diksha from him.

Swamiji had made sure that his visits include my dad in nursing home, who has been in recovery from his cancer treatment. My Dad was bed ridden for quite some time but Pujya Swamiji's prayers and HIS healing blessings brought him to come to Mandir for satsang with us, Amazing! heart touching for us family! I was impressed by Swamiji's punctuality and commitment about his time and event. We were blessed to have him. 


Milwaukee, Wisconsin (July 10, 2014 - July 12, 2014)

By Hari & Aparna

Swamiji’s presence and discourses to adults and children in Milwaukee were very inspirational. Each evening, Swamiji spoke at length on various topics. One the first evening, Swamiji emhasized on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to cultivate and acquire the important Sadhana Chatushtaya for a seeker on the journey of the spiritual path. The second evening, Swamiji doled out gems from Ramayana and unfolded the practical and social messages that Ramayana conveys and how we can incorporate Rama’s ways in our daily lives. On the second evening, Swamiji has nicely delved into the topic meditation and the practical tips and hints to establish oneself in a commune with the Divine, thus bringing the 3-day discourse program for adults to conclusion. Swamiji also had a very productive and engaging 1-hour session with kids and made them understand the importance of discipline for example in leaving footwear in order, respect for elders, parents and teachers, and urged them to cultivate a socially-aware and responsible conduct. He also encouraged parents to teach values to children, because values are the basis for human growth and maturity. There were satsangs at homes for Swamiji’s bhiksha and Swamiji has graciously accepted all the offers, and answered questions from the seekers.


Chicago (July 13, 2014 - July 16, 2014)

Yoga Retreat at Hindu Mandir of Greater Chicago

 By Yoga Teacher,  Prasad Palacharla

Dear Pujya Swami Adhyatmananda ji , Thank you so much for leading another wonderful  Yoga Retreat from July 13, 2014 - July 16, 2014 at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, We are so fortunate that were able to learn from you starting from Guru Purnima, renewing and deepening our yoga practice. Many thanks to our dearest Vice President Tilak ji and President Sri Bhima Reddy garu and all of our HTGC Yoga Students and selfless and dedicated volunteers for their continuous full support and encouragement for this successful event.

Other Chicago Programs:

Gurupurnima & Pujya Swamiji's 70 happy years celebrations at Naik's family gathering, was a joy. All of their children including, a new Babe (to arrive) received Pujya Swamiji's blessings. 

Swamiji spoke to devotees on "Guru Mahima" at Hari OM Mandir. 

Swamiji's satsang on " Gayatri Mantra" at Gayatri Parivar arranged by Bhagini Kusum.

Swamiji's satsang was arranged by Arbindo devotee group was well received. 

Swamiji discourse on "Inward Transformation" was enlightening.

In essence Swamiji stressed the need for maintaining self-discipline and following a regular daily Sadhana. He stressed the Yoga way of Living to reach the Goal of Life - "The God Realization."  Swamiji said that Yoga is not standing on head down and feet up or do some postures. But the aim of Yoga is to calm the Mind. It integrates body Mind & Spirit. Regular practice of Yoga helps to achieve Happiness and Peace within.


Toledo (July 24, 2014 - July 27, 2014) 

Hindu Temple of Toledo (July 24, 2014 - July 27, 2014)

By Rajesh Laugani

Swamiji graced us in Sylvania/Toledo with his presence over the course of the past three days. “Pearls from the Mahabharat” were the topic of discourse starting Thursday 24th July, ending today July 27. The discourses in English were well attended and we were all enthralled with the stories from Mahabharat along with the wisdom and message contained within. Yoga workshops were also well attended and started each morning at 7am. With his natural charismatic ability to connect with each participant, we were educated, entertained, enraptured and encouraged all at the same time. A special meeting session was held mid-day on Saturday July 26 mid-day specially for teen-agers. In a classroom Swamiji had a discussion with our children and shared his thoughts for success and achieving excellence in their student life. Saturday ended with a lively satsang session at residence of Dr. Bina and Mr. Rajesh Laungani with excellent vocal, harmonium and Tabla performance by a mix of adults and children from several families. The only wish we had during this visit was – we wish we had some books and DVD’s that people were asking for, but were unavailable. After Swamiji left for the airport, the first thoughts in our minds were – what might be the dates for Pujya Swamiji’s visit next year.


Toronto ( July 27, 2014 - Aug 3, 2014)

At Hindu Heritage Center (Toronto)

By Neena Verma

Divine experience with H.H. Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj

His Holiness Swamiji was greeted heartily by the Hindu Heritage Center authorities and Shastriji and He was adorned with Holy Rituals and Vedokta Mantras. Pothi Yathra then was circumference in Traditional way with very many Kalash while reciting Glories of Divine Mother. Swamiji then after commenced  Holy deliverance of Devi Bhagwatam. Divine Mother's Glory was attuned to a large gathering explaining the core central significance of Mother and her power. Everybody was touched deeply while understanding  the prime power, the source of all activities and movement in and all around of the Divine Mother.

As a loyal devotee, I had the privilege to observe and listen to positive discourses on Yoga, meditation and the Devi Bhagvat at the Hindu Heritage center in Canada led by Param Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. As he was seated on a Peeta decorated with flowers and plants clad in an orange kurta and dhoti, the experience was enlightening and distinctive.  

Swami Adhyatmanandaji’s discourses were simple and filled with humor and practical stories, which helped us to grasp the essence of Devi Bhagvat which is based on patience, karuna, and unconditional love.  

He helped us understand the true meaning of Devi Maa, who takes us beyond time, form and space to be one with the creative source of the universe. She gives us Shakti, Bhakti and Seva for all of mankind. Swami Ji told us to remove thoughts of I and Mine and not get attached to anything, because attachment leads to possessiveness.  According to Swami Ji, we should make a resolution that we are powered by cosmic energy of the divine mother. He taught us that we are merely an instrument in the hands of Devi Maa. Just surrender yourself at the lotus feet of Maa and feel her presence. Doing good is not enough; being good is far more important. We should share our talents, wealth and time with others while expecting nothing in return. Our Love should go beyond relations. We should pray for the whole world. 

While speaking to members in the Hindu Heritage Seniors club, Swami ji requested them to be more patient towards their children, who they have brought into such a beautiful country. They should be thankful to God and appreciate the goodness of their land. They should teach their kids and grandchildren the value of the Vedas and Hindu Culture. They should become good role models for their children and teach them values like respect and honesty. His underlying message was to make them good human beings who in return will become good citizens and will help mankind.  

Swami ji also emphasized the need to preserve trees and plants. Every time he visited the Hindu Heritage Center, he planted trees with the help of devotees. He adored every single flower and plant and called it a creation of God. 

Furthermore, Swami ji offered free classes of Yoga and meditation and helped devotees with their health issues. He taught these methods in a disciplined manner. He always said that Yogasana and Pranayama practice cast a deep impression on all the body systems. When we establish focus in life with Sadhana such as meditation, prayers, bhajans, Yog and selfless service while chanting God’s name, life moves at high speed towards progress while the mind remains STILL, CALM, RELAXED and stress free. 


By Sudha ( Sharon) Alitt  ( New Jersey)

Namo Narayanaya,
Dearest Blessed Swamiji,
Thank you for Your visit to kula-kamala-yoga.
The students and community at kula kamala receive the greatest benefit from Your Presence and Your Teachings on Peace and on Yoga Nidra.
As you know there were several students present this year who are currently living with cancer. After the program, many of them shared with me that the Yoga Nidra practice touched them deeply and allowed them to relax fully for the first time in a long time. All of the students commented on Your kindness, Your gentle humor and Your ability to bring us all together in Grace. We are all so grateful for Your presence in our lives. Every time you visit us we are elevated to a new level of awareness. We are Eternally Thankful for You.
In Loving Service,  Sudha, Ed & everyone at kula-kamala-yoga, Toms River, NJ.


By Ajit and Ila Kothari

Spiritual Retreat & Yoga camp (Aug 5, 2014 - Aug 10, 2014) at Sanatan Mandir ( Parsippany, NJ)

Dear Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandji,
Om Namo Narayana!!

Thank you for another wonderful visit to Shri Sanatan Mandir in Parsippany.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to learn yog and spirituality first hand from you. We don't know how to thank you enough for all that you do for us. You showered us with your grace by offering five sessions of both yog and satsang.

The topic of our satsang program was Shiv Mahima which we felt was appropriate for the holy month of Shravan. You asked me if we were interested in Shiv Puran or Shiv Mahimna Stotra. My answer was - please decide what you feel is good for us. And you decided to cover both topics - You provided a unique insight for each verse of Shiv Mahimna Stotra but linked it with important Shiv Puran stories in order to give us a holistic "Shiv experience". You also provided specific illustrations in various languages so that everyone can understand difficult spiritual teachings. The prayers and kirtans raised everyone's consciousness to prepare them to receive and absorb your messages. Five days went very quickly and we came out better prepared to appreciate Shiv Mahima which is of course impossible for anyone to fully understand. The learning is a continuous process and our appetite has been wetted to "dig deeper".

The yog sessions at 7 AM in the morning exceeded all our expectations. I was astonished to find 35 people quietly waiting on their yog mats for Pujya Swaniji to arrive.  There were people of different levels of flexibility and experience. Your systematic and disciplined approach helped everyone in renewing and deepening their yog experience. We also appreciated your emphasis on Pranayam which is not adequately covered in traditional Yoga lessons.

We want to thank Pujya Swamiji , Tejal and Amit Shah for being local program coordinators and Pappu and Vimal Sodhani for being gracious hosts during Pujya Swamiji's stay in Northern NJ. Their selfless dedication made the program highly successful. On behalf of the temple, I am very thankful to all of them.

In divine service, Ajit and Ila Kothari 


By Umesh Shukla ji

Srimad Bhagwat Katha & Yoga Camp (Aug 10, 2014 - Aug17, 2014) at Bharat Sevasharm, NJ

Respected Swami Ji,  Namo Narayana and Pranam! 

We were very blessed with your teachings. Here is the report you requested. Vimal ji and Pappu Bahen have already sent the photographsfrom the katha to you.

Bharat Sevashram Sangha, New Jersey organised 8 days Shrimad Bhagvat Katha from August 10 2014 – Aug 17, 2014.  The last day of the Katha was on the auspicious day of Bhagvan Krishna’s birthday (Janmashtami). Discourses on shrimad Bhagvat were given by Pujya Swami Adhyatmanand Ji primarily in English and were also mixed with Hindi, Gujrati, Bengali, Kannada and Telgu to accommodate devotees from who spoke different languages.  Swami Adhyatmanand Ji enlightened life of devotees with his discourses and explained with many interesting examples that if we are able to see God in whatever we see then we are blessed.  Srimad Bhagvat shows the royal path of liberation from bondages of human life.  Swami ji explained that “you are the problem and you are the solution". We should learn to love everyone do good to others as we have no idea when you will leave this world. 

During the entire week Swami ji also conducted Shivanand Yoga classes every morning. The unique and scientific way of teachings by Swami ji attracted more and more students every day.  Swami Ji not only attracted adults but also youth by his intelligence and knowledge.

Bharat Sevashram Sangh and all devotees are profoundly thankful to Swami Adhyatmanand Ji to bless us with his teachings that are applicable to daily life and his love.


Om Namo Narayana! Hari Om!!
Sadar Vandan in Lotus feet of Bhgvat Swaroop Pujya SwamiJi. 
I echo every one's feeling. Past two weeks NJ's Devotees were poured with Sadguru's grace and Param Kripalu Parmata's blessings. Pujya Shree SwamiJi's Tititksha on the very first day has taught us the lesson, tiring and delayed journey from Toronto to NJ and but keeping him up with the set Agenda was amazing - Bixsha at our home, Meeting Sri Umeshbhai and Pujya Sri Swamiji followed by starting Program at Sri Sanatan Mandir.... dealing with NJ's traffic and distances did not bother him at all. 
As time permitted Shah family attended Satsangs and Yoga classes at Sri Sanatan Mandir as well as Shree BSS, as always we learnt something new every day. I look back and feel, we are blessed  and fortunate indeed to build close circle of such good friends and extended family members, where each one has same goal, "to learn, to improve and to serve".  
Amit and I are thank you Pujya Shree and you and organizers of both institutes. We are very glad to be an instrument in Pujya Shree's SEVA for the mankind and look forward to serve in the future as Shree Sadguru bring such opportunities to us.
Sadar Vandan! Hari Om Tatatsat Jay Guru Datta! Shah Family, Lodi, NJ


Dear Respected Swamiji,  

Namo Narayan! 

The prayer must be continued.” - Anandmayi Ma 

How privileged we are that you graced our home Prem-Kunj and showered us with your love, your simplicity, Your wisdom words and your amazing motto 3A (Adopt, Adjust, Accommodate)! 

Vimal and i can not describe in words the joy we experienced being with you, spend time with you, listening to your most melodious music, Manglam bhajan,  smiled at your humor way of explaining  “Honey”, “Sweet Heart”, “MYOB” and above all, your so many “ities” teaching.  

We personally can share one instant that one day we served you cold food and asked for the forgiveness.  Swamiji your answer was so incredible that,  in this world people don’t get food and you are talking hot and cold food. You said “Bhave hi vidyate devo” Swamiji explain that there is great power in personal feeling.  Mirabai drank poison considering it is Gods Prasad.  He said everything dependents on one’s attitude.  

Last two weeks we have learned  quite a bit and we will try to adopt whatever we can from Shiv Mahima, Yoga, Pranayama and Bhagwat Katha. Here also we would like to share which we like it very much. Question:  What is the secrete of Bhakti? Swamiji  answered: Any work you do and everything you do, Do for Supreme Lord, and that is Bhakti. “Think positive, Speak positive and Act positive.” This is Bhakti! 

Sawamiji our Ashram communication is Excellent.  Received CD in Bhopal and Ravi will bring it back.   Everyone is conveying Pranam.  Have a safe journey back to Ashram. With joy,  Sodhani family.


Charlotte, NC  (July 7, 2014 - July 9, 2014)

By Santanu & Bhabani

Swamiji’s presence and discourses to adults and children in Charlotte were very inspirational and lively. Each evening, Swamiji spoke  on various topics.

On the first evening, Swamiji discussed four topics- Friendship, Upakar, Mudita (to feel happy by seeing others happy)   Upeksha (ignore) followed by devotional songs.

On the second evening children  recited “Strotram” for  swamiji. Swamiji entertained children as well adults by singing in different languages.

 Swamiji visted “Shantiniketan” senior center.

On the third evening swamiji discussed the importance of “Guru” and answered questions from devotees.

Swamiji visted “Shantiniketan” senior center on his way back to the airport


Retreat at Bromley (London)

Dear Swami Adyatmananda ji
Our humble pranaams.

We wanted to record our gratitude and appreciation for the time you gave us at our retreat on Kaivalya Upanishad. You brought the Upanishad to life through analysis and 'Ankhon dekhi' experiences which will definitely sit this Upanishad firmly in the hearts and minds of the students. Your clear message of living Kaivalyam every moment of ones life and using the awareness to make the right choices from the smallest to the biggest decisions is deeply appreciated.

Your command of languages is impressive. We were particularly touched when you spent the few moments on a one to one basis immediately on arrival with the oldest member of our group. She means a lot to us and I am sure those few moments meant a lot to her.

Your Bhajans were endearing. The Vedanta in the lyrics touched each one of us and we felt blessed to be there.

Thank you again for the time. Hope all goes well for you in the translation of Anandmayi Ma's most wonderful life experiences.

With humble pranaams


Respected Shree Swamiji Maharaj,
I am a  member of Seniors club at the Hindu Heritage Centre.  I don't attend every meeting but was lucky enough to be present last week when you addressed the members.  It lasted about 50 minutes only but every minute was like being in heavens. As I told you in the evening when we met again, I have collected my most memorable 50 minutes of my life.

It was amazing to see the discourse being presented in most entertaining manner. Your wit, your sense of humour, your knowledge, your command of languages, your powerful voice supported by expression, and your rich experience - all blended to perfection. As if it was not enough, your taste and awareness of ragas and taal were simply awesome (or, if I dare say "Chha Gaye", Swamiji).

It will be my pleasure to have your blessings whenever opportunity arises, I wonder if I could be informed of your future trips to this side.

Saadar Pranaam,  Jag Sahai


Hari OM ! Nartan ji , It was a pleasure listening to Swami ji on Tuesday during our meeting after the pravachan . Hope to see Swami ji next year. Regards Deepak Chhabra Chair Events:- Fremont Hindu Temple ( ) (San Jose)


 Namo Narayan!! It was a great pleasure having Swamiji. Thanks for arranging and coordinating. We are blessed!  Best Regards" -  Nartan ( San Jose)


"We had a wonderful time with Swamiji during his stay in Atlanta. People who attended Srimad Bhagawat katha had an unforgettable experience." - Dr. Prakashbhai Desai (Atlanta)


Pujya Swamiji conveys HIS thanks to all the organizers and devotee groups who joined together and organized HIS Adhyatma Tour 2014.

OM Shanti!